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May 29, 2007 09:44 PM

Tony's in East Boston - has anyone tried?


I read about this restaurant a few months ago and had forgotten about it until now. Has anyone tried it, know if it's still open, or have any tips on going? I tried going when I first found out about it but it seemed to be closed.

Here is a link for a write-up on it:

And a quote about it...
"Whatever owner Rosa DePasquale feels like cooking is what you eat at this delightfully old-school East Boston haunt. The meatballs, ziti, and ravioli are the real deal."


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  1. Not sure if it is still open. The most notable thing about Tony's many years ago (when Rosa's husband Tony was still alive and cooking in the kitchen) was the size of the portions and the fact that there were no menus and no prices usually. The other notable thing was that if you didn't finish your food (which was kinda hard to do given the enormous portions) Tony would cut off your tie and hang it up on the wall, particularly if one was a local politician. The wallss were strewn with ties and allegedly, the "bloomers" of Louise Day Hicks - a South Boston politico of some notoriety in the 60's and 70's.

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      Thank you for your response! I'm definitely going to try to go again soon, it sounds so interesting!

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        Sorry, I haven't been-- but now I'm intrigued by this post. I wonder how the food is. Please let us know if you go, or I may have to check it out myself!

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          I'm hoping to be able to go next week and, if so, I will definitely let you know... if not, let me know when you make it over there!

      2. i had heard that there was an illness in the family and that they were closed for a while. don't know if they re-opened yet.

        1. Unbelievable! I went there almost 20 years ago. We walked in and the place was empty. About a minute later, a little old lady walks in with two grocery bags. She was all by herself running the entire show. I told her I wanted Veal Parmesan. She whipped up the most delicious Veal Parm I've ever had and charged me $8. After she left us, she went back and started washing dishes. She was sweet. Actually, I honestly can't believe she's still alive. I remember seeing many mayor's and athlete's cut ties hanging on the walls. What a great place.

          1. I live right up the street and walk by Tony's every day. It's very unassuming (no sign), and unfortunately I didn't really find out about it until it was closed most of the time. The metal shutters have been closed for months, and there's a for sale sign on the door to the building. It's not the restaurant door, but the door to the upstairs, so I'm not really sure what that means. Interestingly, it's a Tony's Realty sign.

            I'll post if I see anything happening. Guess it's Rino's and Caffe Italia till then.

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              Not sure anyone's still watching this thread, but there was an article in the Globe yesterday about Tony's. Rosa (the famous old lady) died in June, and with her the restaurant:


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                What a story. I didn't realize it was an arranged marriage and she was 45 years old. Thanks for digging that up.

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                  thanks for letting us know. As I posted ealriler on this thread my one visit to Tony's was quite memorable.