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May 29, 2007 09:34 PM

Utila, Bay Islands-Honduras

Anyone eaten there lately?
Anything worth mentioning?

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  1. This response won't do you much good, since you've probably already had your trip, but figured I'd post something anyways. I just got back from Utila and here's where I ate:

    Utila Lodge - Eating here is for guests only, but if you happen to stay here, the food is good enough that you won't need to eat anywhere else. Breakfast is hardy with eggs made to order, fresh fruit, and more. The omelettes are pretty damn good. Lunch varies from spaghetti with meat sauce to self serve burritos. Dinner wasn't too notable, with the exception of the beer can chicken and the bbq pork chops!

    The Harbor House (Utila Cays) - Beautiful 3-story building on the edge of one of the cays (Pigeon?). The owner has a lot of energy and will talk your ear off about the place. I had a yummy fishburger and 2 Salva Vidas for almost nothing. Would definitely recommend if you stop by the Cays.

    Driftwood - Best food I had in Utila. I highly recommend the fish stew and the snapper kebabs. I'm sure the rest of their food is good as well. Pleasant divey atmosphere, on the ocean.

    Cafe Mariposa - Best dinner view in Utila. The food wasn't all that remarkable, so I'm just going to talk about the view. Get there about 30 minutes before sunset and try to grab the corner table. We sat and watched local kids jump off a pile of bricks on the pier into the ocean while the sun set.

    Evelyn’s BBQ - Evelyn loves Bob Marley. We ate there for lunch and each got a variation of stewed fish. Mine was on a french roll, sandwich style and my friend had it with salad and other side items. I thought it was quite good, but not the best deal in town. View is of "downtown".

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      My friend worked at Harbor House. It's simple fare as I recall. It would be a fun stop for sure..

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        here's a picture i took from their 3rd story balcony where i was eating, drinking, and relaxing :)

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        I ate at Driftwood when I was there..must have improved! There was a JR's BBQ that was only open on certain nights. It was great. There also was a little tiny place in front of a bar that sat out on the sea...the best King Fish with garlic sauce I ever had.

      3. I was there in April and wrote about the food on my blog:

        Hope this helps,