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May 29, 2007 09:30 PM

Where to eat in Houston?

I moved out of Tx for my job and will be moving back to Austin soon. Here are some recommendations for Houston..with surprise places to get the grub you love! Kristie (from Washington-((lunch winner contestant))..perhaps you'll see this and this will help when you get to Houston.

Must check out- Taste of Texas-steakhouse/great service/clean/neat experience (west houston)
Good cozy lunch spot- Damien's (Italian/American) little pricey, worth every penny

Busy/Pretty Lunch- Great with gal pals..Carraba's-Kirby

Chinese- PF Changs- Gotta have ck or veggie (tofu) lettuce wraps, and Chang's spicy chicken(spicy/sweet), everyone loves Mangolian Beef (skirt steak with a dark sauce and scallions) don't expect egg rolls ok spring rolls(fried).

Good Cheap Spots-

Chicken salad- Sam's Boat..normally a wild place to hang at night on the Richmond strip (bikers too) but during the day they open up the huge deck and have great beer bucket specials too..kinda nice if you get an early day off of work.

Business Chicken salad- Houston's with the Buttermilk garlic..great ahi tuna salad for tuna lovers. limited menu but all done very well. always consistant, good service.

Italian- La Vista- REALLY YUMMY grub, can BYOB. really, good bread, good filet entree, pastas are all done well.

Great Fajitas-Pappasito's..Frozen ritas a little sweet..get the rocks..avg. cost $6. Great quality food, salsa, and chips, and reputable service.

Guadalajara Grille- great sauces, soups, good fajitas!! see about the roasted corn sauce-Enchiladas Guadalajara, chiapas spicy cesar salad. Good lunch menu too. Good ritas.. i recommend a meltdown..but drink sparingly. burritos topped with queso and enchiladas will satisfy all or most..i should say.

Crazy Fun Mex Joint- El Patio- they are known for their blue ritas..beware, they have ever clear in them too. the queso is yum, and the fajitas won't dissappoint for sure!! the door directly to your left when you walk in is called "Club No Minor" - for the grown ups, mariachis too. check that out if you can. this can get crazy!!

i hope this helps anyone visiting Houston. If you do

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  1. All, ok some of the places mentioned can provide good food but if you really want to explore Houston restaurants I would suggests living a little more on the edge?

    1. I must interject here -- Taste of Texas is just mediocre. Its time has come and (long) gone. The food is good if you're a carnivorous oilman with an expense account, but anyone looking for lighter, more contemporary fare will be disappointed.

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      1. re: Cheflambo

        Who goes to steakhouses for "lighter, more contemporary fare"?

        1. re: PongGod

          I've only been chow hounding for a couple of weeks, but I've noticed from these threads about where to eat that everyone has their own taste. I am one of those people that would look for lighter more contemporary fare pretty much every time I eat out. That's why I eat at home more than I eat out. But I (personally - of course) have to agree with Cheflambo on this one.

      2. p.f. chang's? not for nothing, but that is a chain that you can eat at in iowa. (okay, i don't know that for sure, but you know what i mean.)

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        1. re: carriebwc

          Looks like you're right, carriebwc:

          First PFC I ate at was in Denver. Haven't had it since I moved back here. It's not what I'd consider regular Chinese, more like fusion-y Chinese. Tried Pei Wei (same group) for the first time recently and was pretty disappointed.

          Haven't been very impressed with Pappasito's lately except for the chips, which are awesome. Lately, I feel the fajitas at Ninfa's are better. One of these days I'll get around to trying El Tiempo. Don't wanna get too caught up beating on the OP's suggestions though so here are a few more recommendations:

          - Sinh Sinh, bun (vermicelli) with grilled pork
          - Don's Sandwiches, grilled pork banh mi

          Southern (wanna call this Cajun, but I don't think it is
          )- Treebeard's