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May 29, 2007 08:41 PM

Best frozen margaritas?

Looking for rec's from chowhounds as to their favorite frozen margarita in the Boston area?

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  1. This is a tough one, akin to "best deep-fried mozzarella sticks". I don't really like frozen Margaritas, prefer mine straight up with salt: had a pretty good one (obviously made with fresh juices and quality spirits) at the bar at Masa not too long ago.

    I can think of a half-dozen worthy venues for a great Margarita: none that do a blender version. I'll echo my earlier post today on Pina Coladas: look to chain restaurant bars, Fanueil Hall, and touristy waterfront bars. Another Hound recently suggested The Landing on Long Wharf as a blender-drink haven.

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      I think if you're going to go frozen, the trick is to find a non-blender version, made instead using a machine not unlike they one they use for Slurpees at 7-11.

      The only purveyor of which I'm aware in the Boston area is On the Border, a Tex-Mex chain with an outpost in Woburn. Not exactly a highbrow cocktail, but it really is a fun (and stealthily very strong) summer drink.

      [On the Border's menu is generally mediocre, but it's also the only place I know in town that makes its own flour tortillas, a huge plus for this Arizona ex-pat.]

    2. Casa Romero does both on the rocks and frozen for a dollar more. They're amazing.

      1. Cottonwood on Berkeley Street has terrific mango margaritas. They use fresh mango - a rarity. No gross/fake/sugary concoctions in sight (unlike Cactus Club, for example). They have other fruit flavors as well but mango is by far the best. And as an added bonus, you can get pitchers.

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          28 Degrees (Appleton St., South End) has a good bar featuring a changing frozen drink, currently a frozen Belini using the slurpee style machine. I'll bet they can produce a good frozen margarita, but I have not tried it.

        2. I'm pretty sure (it's been a while) that you can get "fresh" blended margaritas at Border Cafe, in Harvard Square (not to be confused with the inferior--and that's saying something--On the Border mentioned above). They have slurpee machines as well, I think, but if you order a "better" margarita, they can flash blend them for you, IIRC.

          Maybe stop in for some margaritas before enjoying some Indian food at Tamarind Bay.

          1. While I do not in any way shape or form endorse the food, Ruby's in Teele Square has these on their menu. Never had them, but their on the rocks version is strong enough to knock you off your seat.

            Have seen friends imbibe frozen at both Border Cafe (Harvard) and On the Border (Woburn) with equally drunken results. I will say that the chips and dips at both places were good enough.

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            1. re: gini

              I'll throw in my two cents for Jose's in Cambridge. This is my go-to place for cheesy Mexican food and their margaritas definitely pack a wallop. Also they have a pretty good selection of tequila - not bad for a little neighborhood joint.

              1. re: Sgt Snackers

                The frozen blackberry margaritas at the otherwise obnoxious Cactus Club are an occasional guilty pleasure.

                1. re: robwat36

                  Cambridge Mike---where is Casa Romero?

              2. re: gini

                Rudy's does do a nicely boozy on-the-rocks version. Now that school is out of session, we may head over there more often than we usually do for drinks and their passable version of fish tacos (they need to ratchet down the raw scallions) for an easy weekday meal.

                1. re: gini

                  Gini - you'd flip over that nitrogen Margarita I had at KO Prime. I don't know how much it is price-wise since I just up and volunteered when KO was talking about it with the staff (I know, shocking!), but it took a 'frozen' Margarita to a new level - slushy, balanced, and fantastic, and because the alcohol is frozen and not watered down, packed a punch. As Beetlebug said, "Pure classic margarita". Loved it.

                  1. re: Rubee

                    It sounds the best alcoholic slushy I'll every try. With no ice getting in the way. I really have to get over to KO Prime - thanks for reminding me, Rubee!

                    1. re: gini

                      if your in Brookline, try one at the Golden Temple, sit outside and eat some of their Golden Temple Special Spare Ribs - nice!!

                    2. re: Rubee

                      I asked about the intended price of those nitrogen drinks at KO Prime. The response was, "Well, we make them as doubles, as there's no ice or water for dilution, and the presentation is very dramatic, so they'll probably go for somewhere in the $20-25 range." They certainly are head-turners.