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May 29, 2007 08:31 PM


Has anyone been to Casellula on W 52nd between 9th and 10th avenue? Its a cheese and wine/beer cafe open from 5- 2:30 AM. They opened earlier this month. Is it me or isn't kashkaval 4 blocks away on 9th avenue the same type...Tough competition since Kashkaval is pretty good and probably cheaper too.

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  1. i heard it was good, and i think kashlaval is pretty mediocre tho sweet. there is a good write up about on the blog btw.

    1. Shocked and dismayed by the comparison! Kashkaval is nothing like Casellula, more of a takeout joint, with dubiously fresh cheese or a standard greek and french variety.
      I've been to Casellula twice and absolutely love it! The service is knowledgeable in both the interesting wine list and the cheese selection. The composed plates were delicious, and even the one dessert I tried (a lemon tart with goat cheese ice cream) was unusually good. Plus the atmosphere is calm and pleasant. Run, don't walk, but actually don't, cause then the lines will get long.

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        shocked and dismayed! I haven't been to Casellula thats why I was asking about it. But thanks for letting me know that it is better quality and a better experience than kashkaval. Hopefully the prices aren't too much higher. I'll probably give it a try Thursday late night since it's open late. Look forward to it. Thanks again for the help.

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          The prices are higher, reflecting the quality of the product, knowledgeable service, etc. Definitely worth it though, and a great addition to the neighborhood.

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          I love Riposo 46 also, I guess the differences are in the selection of items and the atmosphere. Casellula's cheese selection is much larger and more thoughtful in terms of pairings and recommendations. The wine selection is pretty diverse (not huge) with wines from Spain to Hungary. The space is a bit bigger so perhaps not as cute and intimate as Riposo, but still very pleasant. Riposo's brunch is awesome, and Casellula doesn't do brunch, at least not yet!

        2. We have been to Casellula. The food is very good--quite a bit better than anything at Kashkaval, but of course the prices are substantially higher.



          1. I'll echo the replies so far that Casellula is great, but a bit pricey. I was there this weekend, and had two excellent cheeses, a meat, the "pig's ass sandwich," a dessert, and wine. Everything was fantastic. But, for instance, the meats are $6 each, which bought five small slices of sausage - it was excellent, but still. The Pig's Ass sandwich was cut in half, but each half was maybe an inch of sandwich (by, say, 3 inches), and one of the halves was severely lacking in the meat department. Everything was great, but if you're going to charge $12 - and give it a name like they did - a bit more sandwich would be good.

            But, great cheese selection, cozy space, small but varied wine list, and a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. My hope is that they add to the menu plates of meat and/or cheese, where you get a wide variety, as opposed to having to put them together individually.

            Also, some service issues to work out. The waitress/hostess was a bit spacey, and clearly not in sync with the fromagiere. For instance, the fromagiere said that we should keep our menus just before the waitress whisked them away; the waitress also knew very little about the wines or cheeses. Plus, why bring cheese first, and then the meats, once the cheese is all gone (along with the bread that came with it)? Odd, but I figure just some opening quirks to work out.

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              Yes, that's a problem Artisanal had when it first opened (maybe still does - it's been a while). Only one person onhand who really knows the cheese. No easy way around that. But it is a good selection, and although $5 might seem a lot for a piece of cheese, if you work backwards from retail prices it's hard to see how they could charge much less. As djk said, photos etc at