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May 29, 2007 08:26 PM

Her Majesty's Theatre Melbourne

Coming over to Melbourne for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. I am taking them to Miss Saigon which is on at Her Majesty's Theatre. Is there somewhere around the theatre that does a pre/post show dinner thing i.e. entree and main before show and desert after show or alternatively what would people suggest around that area? Thanks in anticipation...... (we are coming over weekend of the 8/10th June from Auckland)

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  1. Ah, The good Old Her Maj's...

    It's right at the top of town, so close to pretty much everything

    A hop skip and a jump from China town and a slightly longer skip from Little Greece. There will be plenty happening and weather permitting, a short stroll before and/or after the show will reveal lots and lots of options.

    Don't actually know of anyone splitting the dinner into pre and post show.. but you could check out The Windsor Hotel.. If anyone was going to do it, it'd be them.

    Otherwise, ring around a few restos and see if they'd do it for you.. No harm asking.

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      A link to the Windsor...

      If you can manage it try to get to their afternoon High Tea.. sublime and very VERY Melbourne.. maybe you could do High Tea at the Windsor in the afternoon and then head into China Town after the show..

      Stalactites, a Melbourne Greek institution is open 24 hours.. always a popular after show option.