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May 29, 2007 08:25 PM

Harbor Country MI eats

I am thinking of a couple day-long trip to this area later this summer. I have been there a few times over the years, but not within the last couple years. When I was there last I ate at:

Moxies (I think...along the Red Arrow Highway)
The Mexican place in New Buffalo almost at the harbor, whatever it's called.
The Bar and Grill (Miller's) almost at the Harbor Grand Hotel, on the right of the main restaurant/commercial drag there (Whittaker??)
One other place which completely escapes me.

Can anyone offer any recs or updates on these places? Much obliged, and if you need food recs for Champaign-Urbana, IL - I'm the person!!

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  1. There are threads before that someone can call up for you.Moxies is closed and the Jenny of Jenny's which was the name of the restaurant before it was Moxies is now the chef at the Bentwood Cafe In the Marina Grand Hotel.There is Brewsters,Caseys,Hannahs and Stray Dog downtown New Buffalo.Timothys,Red Arrow Roadhouse,Tuscany and a new restaurant Frankys Place in Union Pier.Millers has closed also.There is of course Redamaks which has its adherents and detractors.I personally have always loved it.Rios west of downtown on US 12 is a carry out Mexican place,El Rancho Grande is the sitdown Mexican place.In Three Oaks Mesa Luna closed as did Horsefeathers in Sawyer but SOE seems to be doing well in Sawyer.Just over the state line in Michiana Shores ,Indiana there is Stop 50 pizza which does a good wood fired oven pizza.Just before the state line is Beachwood.Is there any I would say definately make a day trip just to eat there?,probably not.Each of these restaurants have their fans.I am sure I left out a few.Its like anywhere the grass is always greener.I hope this is a start.

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      Thanks much...I saw some threads but a number looked less than current. Thanks for the current lay of the land!! :)

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        Glad to see it's still possible to satisfy a Redamak's Attack. I used to live in Michigan City IN. and went to Redamak's regularly with the lady that's been my wife since 1982. Very good juicy burgers. She says the secret is high fat ground beef and real Velveeta cheese on the burger. Yes it's a heart attack on a plate but it's goood!