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Wedding location suggestions?

On a moderate budget. Looking for something low-key. 2941 is nice, but might break the bank. Thinking of Indigo Landing perhaps.

Any other ideas?

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  1. How large a group will you be entertaining?

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    1. Indigo Landing..........I'm thinking your party would be in back. In the totally bland and scene-less banquet room. Plus the food......not good.
      How many? Virginia or DC? Budget per person??

      1. I've heard that Tabard Inn does weddings. The outdoor courtyard would be incredible for this.

        Old Ebbitt also can be renting out for weddings. I've never been there to eat but it def. has a classic DC looking setting.

        1. I had my wedding at 2941. There are some ways it can be less expensive--if you have enough people you can totally take over meaning you could have your ceremony there, maybe on the terrace thus negating a ceremony space fee. You can do br/lunch instead of dinner and you can bring in your own alcohol. We did a combination having an open bar cocktail hour then bringing our own wine for the dinner. People still talk about it and there are great photo opps on the grounds. Plus you get invited for a free tasting dinner for the meal you chose.

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            Thanks. That could be a good workaround.

          2. Comus Inn in Montgomery County is reasonable and tasty and a beautiful setting.

            1. Rockville Civic Center

              1. We had our reception at one of the Kimpton hotels, they were great to work with. Another place that was in the running was Elizabeth's on L. Really great food and staff.

                1. here are a few ideas....

                  elkridge furnace inn http://www.elkridgefurnaceinn.com/
                  gramercy mansion or 1840s ballroom http://www.gramercymansion.com/
                  chesapeake bay beach club (although I attended before Today Show publicity
                  )strathmore mansion http://www.strathmore.org/facilityren...
                  peabody library http://www.peabodyevents.library.jhu....
                  evergreen house http://www.museums.jhu.edu/evergreen/...
                  walters art gallery http://www.thewalters.org/ or any museum!
                  elizabeths on L http://www.thecateringco.com/
                  savage mill http://www.puttingontheritz.com/

                    1. I'm very biased here! I had my wedding ( 55 ppl) at The Morrison House in Old Town Alexandria. I can't say enough about it, from the property, the atmosphere, the food, the cake.....Plus, our out of town guests loved, loved Old Town and they felt like they had a "getaway weekend" to boot.
                      ............and, here's the money shot!
                      I couln't wait to stand at the top of those steps with my new husband ;)