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May 29, 2007 07:21 PM

Help my dinner party menu

I am in charge of a dinner party next week for 8 people (that I have the option of having catered but I really enjoy cooking).

Right now, here's where I am with this menu:

cheese course (something from the Cheese Store in Beverly HIlls)

Grilled Salmon on a cedar plank- I made one last night- delicious!
Roasted tenderloin of beef- barefoot contessa recipe

some type of vegetables-- maybe something with tomatoes or just a simple salad and another veggie-- I need help here

barefoot contessa tiramisu or choclate ganache cake

Can you hlpe me finish this menu? I need it to be pretty easy as it is a week night and I don't have a lot of time. I am totaally open to suggestions.

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  1. potato salad with dill with the salmon and baked vine ripened tomatoes with the beef.

    Buy the toms still on the vine, make a small diagonal slit in each one and spoon a mix of peto and grated cheddar cheese into each slit. Give them about 15 mins in the same pan as the beef, at the end of the roasting cycle,

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    1. tomatoes for sure. I like to halve them, top with pesto, fresh slivers of Pecorino Romana, and bake until they start to break down slightly. Also, a quarter head (per persone) of whole romaine lettuce, vinagrette, feta crumbles and crispy pancetta bits is a very easy - guests can cut the leaves as they eat.

      1. I like a simple platter of steamed asparagus with a citrus viniagrette--I made this for a party over the weekend and it disappeared very quickly. I garnished the asparagus with citrus zest and shaved some parmesean reggiano. If you are grilling the salmon, you could also grill the asparagus too. This would be a nice accompaniment to the tomatoes...

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          That's what I would suggest as well. Asparagus will go well with the meat and the salmon and is in season. Plus it can be made ahead and served at room temperature.

          I just did a big dinner party this weekend and served slow roasted salmon with chimichurri sauce, and alongside, sauteed spinach with diced piquillo peppers and currants. I sauteed the spinach well in advance of the party and let it sit at room temperature until the salmon was ready, then quickly reheated the spinach and served.

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            I was also going to suggest roasted asparagus, but I actually might prefer broccoli raab or rapini simply done w/ garlic and olive oil.

            I'd also like a couscous salad or a rice/lentil pilaf on the side as a light grain option.

          2. pg and 50ishfooD are right: you'll get good balance with a salad. I would make it lighter with just the fresh tomatoes and romaine with a light vinaigrette, topped with shavings of Pec-Rom. Possibly some butter sauteed zuchinni w/ s&p as another side. The wine pairings, of course, will be important as well.

            1. I would definitely add a sauteed green vegetable: swiss chard, chinese broccoli, or asparagus. Are you serving a starch too? I'm thinking herb-roasted potatoes.