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Help my dinner party menu

I am in charge of a dinner party next week for 8 people (that I have the option of having catered but I really enjoy cooking).

Right now, here's where I am with this menu:

cheese course (something from the Cheese Store in Beverly HIlls)

Grilled Salmon on a cedar plank- I made one last night- delicious!
Roasted tenderloin of beef- barefoot contessa recipe

some type of vegetables-- maybe something with tomatoes or just a simple salad and another veggie-- I need help here

barefoot contessa tiramisu or choclate ganache cake

Can you hlpe me finish this menu? I need it to be pretty easy as it is a week night and I don't have a lot of time. I am totaally open to suggestions.

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  1. potato salad with dill with the salmon and baked vine ripened tomatoes with the beef.

    Buy the toms still on the vine, make a small diagonal slit in each one and spoon a mix of peto and grated cheddar cheese into each slit. Give them about 15 mins in the same pan as the beef, at the end of the roasting cycle,

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    1. tomatoes for sure. I like to halve them, top with pesto, fresh slivers of Pecorino Romana, and bake until they start to break down slightly. Also, a quarter head (per persone) of whole romaine lettuce, vinagrette, feta crumbles and crispy pancetta bits is a very easy - guests can cut the leaves as they eat.

      1. I like a simple platter of steamed asparagus with a citrus viniagrette--I made this for a party over the weekend and it disappeared very quickly. I garnished the asparagus with citrus zest and shaved some parmesean reggiano. If you are grilling the salmon, you could also grill the asparagus too. This would be a nice accompaniment to the tomatoes...

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          That's what I would suggest as well. Asparagus will go well with the meat and the salmon and is in season. Plus it can be made ahead and served at room temperature.

          I just did a big dinner party this weekend and served slow roasted salmon with chimichurri sauce, and alongside, sauteed spinach with diced piquillo peppers and currants. I sauteed the spinach well in advance of the party and let it sit at room temperature until the salmon was ready, then quickly reheated the spinach and served.

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            I was also going to suggest roasted asparagus, but I actually might prefer broccoli raab or rapini simply done w/ garlic and olive oil.

            I'd also like a couscous salad or a rice/lentil pilaf on the side as a light grain option.

          2. pg and 50ishfooD are right: you'll get good balance with a salad. I would make it lighter with just the fresh tomatoes and romaine with a light vinaigrette, topped with shavings of Pec-Rom. Possibly some butter sauteed zuchinni w/ s&p as another side. The wine pairings, of course, will be important as well.

            1. I would definitely add a sauteed green vegetable: swiss chard, chinese broccoli, or asparagus. Are you serving a starch too? I'm thinking herb-roasted potatoes.

              1. I was going to say no tomatoes - out of season. I love a corn salad with red onions & peppers. sliced cucumber/dill/vinegar combo wins with salmon

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                  BUT a good way to disguise out of season tomatoes is to oven roast them a bit like everyone's suggested. it'll concentrate the flavors and break down some of that out of season mealiness.

                2. I think I would use a grill basket filled with some cherry tomatoes and a few types of bell peppers (red, yellow, orange) cut in large pieces, roast them all on the grill at the same time as the Salmon then drizzle with some EVOO and top with a little slivered Parmasian cheese when served.