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May 29, 2007 07:13 PM

caterer for a weeknight dinner party for 8

I am in charge of arranging a dinner party for not more than 8 people for next week near Beverly HIlls. The budget is $65 a person. Can anyone suggest an incredible caterer? I am deciding between whether to cater or to cook myself which I would really enjoy but may not have time for.

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  1. I think your price is too low for a professional caterer. That would be a $520 job, and most personal chefs/caterers I know will not do a night like that for less than $900-$1200.00 (since, after the cost of food, the labor wouldn't be worth what's left).

    Maybe you want to do some sort of fancy takeout service instead? Or, cook it yourself, but get half of it the easy way. For example, go to a great French or Italian deli and put together a great antipasti platter (roasted bell peppers, good olives, various cured meats and cheeses), and some appetizers you can throw in the oven (escargot in puff pastry, crostini - you can get stuff like this at Bristol Farms or Gelson's), then cook something easy like filet mignons and serve with mashed truffled potatoes and roasted asparagus (all relatively easy).

    I think that Bristol Farms can actually put together quite a bit of these types of meals - the meat is already seasoned/stuffed/etc., the sides are easy to reheat. And I'm sure you can stay within your budget.

    Good luck :)

    Clare K.

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      1. not sure about last minute availability, but you might try Absolutely Gourmet - they do small parties, though minimum price may still be an issue.