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May 29, 2007 06:46 PM

Bistro Mezzaluna (Flauderdale)

Has anyone tried this place recently? I just had a really good meal there and never see it mentioned on the board. The buff mozzarella app, goat cheese ravioli and veal were all solid. Curious to hear other recent experiences there

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  1. This place is good but expensive. A salad is $10 and entre's are between $30 and $50. I know people who swear by this place as far as the food quality is concerned. I think I would hit Mark's on las olas or Johnny V's before i would spend the same amount at mezzaluna.

    1. Have been there many times. Have never had a bad meal. Sometimes, excellent. Service is good. It gets very crowded after 7 pm so go early if you dont want to wait. Specials are always good, veal is excellent. It's expensive, but not nearly as expensive as Las Olas, and the food is just as good. As a place to celebrate, or for a special date, its tops.