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May 29, 2007 06:01 PM

Portland OR Downtown Restaurants

I'm in Portland for a brief business trip and I'm staying at the Hilton Executive Tower downtown. I'll be famished on Friday and ready for a good meal with some colleagues. We are on a budget, but love good food. Any suggestions for places within walking distance from the hotel? We have adventurous palates. Will eat various ethnic foods, seafood, or reasonably priced gourmet fare. Thanks!

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  1. Clyde Common at SW 10th and Stark. I had a fabulous first meal there the other day. Most of their seating is family style. Be warned. But they also have some smaller tables up stairs, plus a full bar.

    Murata near Keller Auditorium is some of the best sushi in town and if you get their fixed price meals it makes them reasonable. I get double sushi on the fixed price.

    Right next to Murata is Carafe for French bistro dishes. Not world-shattering, but still very good.

    Pazzo, Heathman, Higgins, Mother's, Mama Mia's, and Southpark are all acceptable standbys and possible to keep relatively moderately priced. A little more expensive is Veritible Quandry.

    A fairly cheap option is Karam at 2nd and Stark, I think, for Lebanese.


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      Thanks so much! Great suggestions. I'm sure we'll try one of them!