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May 29, 2007 05:38 PM

Ogunquit recs

We are sooo disappointed that Poor Richards closed! We go to Ogunquit twice a year and that has always been our saturday night destination. Can anyone recommend another equally as good restaurant? We go to Roberto's on Friday night and Amore for breakfast on Sunday.


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  1. Yes, too bad. Also that Joe Allen has closed. We think that the best restaurant in Ogunquit now is MCPerkins Cove. Great food and beautiful views, excellent (if somewhat pretentious) service. The cockles appetizer is yummy as are the oysters. They have lots of selections for entrees but if you are looking for a good, albeit expensive, burger, their Kobe burger is thick and juicy ($19 with sides). Haven't been for awhile but Gypsy Sweethearts on Shore Road is usually good. 98 Provence is a favorite for many who like French food- we find it abit rich but those who go rave about it. Hope you have a nice weekend. !

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      Hubby and I love Gypsy's Sweethearts... we go every year, and it never disappoints. The atmosphere is lovely as well.

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        Any recs at MC Perkins and Barnacle Billy's, I will be up in Goose Rocks Beach area next weekend?

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          You can look online at the MC menu. The oysters are great. The wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and spiced pecans - if you like that kind of salad. The cockles appetizer with cracklings. Whatever they have as a special is usually good. They changed the menu recently so I have not had too many things. The deep fried trout is good. Love the Kobe beef burger which you can usually get with sweet potato fries ( the fries are on the lunch but not dinner menu).
          Don't know if you have been to Barnicle Billy's but the menu at both are identical to what they have been for the last three decades. There is the original Billy's where you order at the counter and they call your name. Steamers are excellent- no sand. Steamed lobsters great. Chowder wonderful- thin broth with lots of clams and potatoes. If you have a fisha dverse person the barbecued chicken plate is ok.
          The rum punch is very delicious (and strong). Billy's etc., just before the original heading into Perkins Cove, has fried clams, fried fish etc., shrimp cocktail, steak, and surprisingly good grilled chicken -either sandwich of larger dinner portion.
          Same steamers and rum punch.
          In Kennebunkport, Hurricane is always good- especially their excellent variety of oysters and the baked stuffed "rich and ritzy" lobster.
          In Cap Porpoise a few minutes from Kennebunkport, there is the Ramp - little restaurant in the back and below Pier 77 for a really nice very casual option.
          Have fun.

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            I'm sorry to hear that both Poor Richards and Joe Allen both closed, how sad!

            Sorry, I can't be in the camp that raves about MC, although I went there with high hopes after reading the raves in Gourmet (several times). I ordered a salad and had a mussel appetizer as my meal. The wine was good, the salad I've replicated at home, wasn't worth the price, and my mussels were sooo salty I should have sent them back, but didn't. Perhaps they weren't meant to be eaten as a meal, but that's what I wanted that evening. Maybe it was the evening, there was a really obnoxious table nearby so it was echo-ey and we couldn't hear ourselves, and we got there fairly late in the evening. Might try it again, but it was an expensive first experience that wasn't the greatest.

            For us, and I don't know if the place is there still, although I checked their website in April and it seemed like they were still open, is SW Swan Bistro. It is in a tiny "complex" across from the Hartwell House. Upscale dining, it's small, on some weekend evenings they have nice music, and each time we've gone, we've had just a lovely time. I'd recommend going there, unless they too have fallen by the wayside. :-(

            Have a wonderful visit!

      2. It's been a few years since I've been to Arrows, but it was always fabulous. Is it still there?

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          Arrows is still there but way more expensive than MC and Gypsy Sweethearts. MCPrkins Cove is owned by the owners of Arrows.

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            Thanks! I'll have to look up MCPerkins menu. We go with the parents (77 and 80 yrs old) so Poor Richards was always a great choice....old world, classic food but always perfectly cooked and delicious.

            1. re: acervoni

              FYI- for your parents- it is not very obvious but to the left side of MC's entrance there is a "lift" sort of an open elevator that takes you up to the door if stairs are an issue. If you can't figure it out ( it really is not obvious) go in and ask them to operate it for you!

        2. It's been awhile since I've been to Ogunquit but I recall a restaurant in the Perkins Cove area that was at the back of a gift shop. Can't remember the name, but we were poking in the gift shop when we got to the back of the store we saw the entrance to this cute little cafe with waterviews. The menu was small but the sandwiches were great and they had a beer and wine license. Does any know of this restaurant?

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          1. re: Pegmeister

            I know where you mean but I am reasonably sure that the restaurant is no longer there although I think the shop is- maybe "Out of the Blue"?? We were in the cove on Monday and we did not see any signs of a restaurant there except for the "Breaking New Grounds" coffee shop.

            1. re: emilief

              Out of the Blue sounds correct. Too bad it's gone, I have fond memories of my luncheon there and remember lingering over a glass of wine (maybe 2) afterwards!

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                SORRY - I just eamailed one of my neighbors in Ogunquit and she tells me that it is Blue Willow and she believes that it is still there and has excellent food!!!!
                I can't guarantee this but she is in Og pretty much all summer and we are there only part of the time. It is not listed in the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce Brochure but I will definitely look for it next weekend.

                1. re: emilief

                  The name of the restaurant is Blue Willow and it is still there; I was in the gift shop just a few days ago. Haven't eaten there in a while. Cute spot with beautiful views.

                  PS: I heard the men who own Arrows and MC's will be opening a restaurant in the Burlington, MA Marriott....hope it's not just a rumor...that would be wonderful!

                  1. re: LindaBarbara

                    Not a rumor!!! Read it somewhere - I think in the Wall street journal.

                    1. re: emilief

                      Do you know the name of the restaurant and when it is expected to open ?? Thanks !!

                      The Capital Grill is now open and a new high end Italian restaurant on Rt 3A is due to open in the Fall. It would be nice to have another place in town rather than just the normal chains.

                  2. re: emilief

                    Thanks for the update. I plan on being in the Ogunquit area in September so I'll check it out.

                    1. re: Pegmeister

                      Please let us know. We are in Og most of the time but never seem to get to Blue Willow. PS if anyone is planning to go to the Mexican restaurant in Wells (Marcia's??? someone just told me that it closed!

            2. the lobster pound. you can pick your lobster

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                I ate at the Lobster Pound once. Yes, you can pick your own lobster, but you can find better lobster dinners at better prices at other places. I found it way overpriced. I personally like The Lobster Barn before you get into town.