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May 29, 2007 04:57 PM

Bailey's in Old Hyde Park Village

Chavez on Rome has been replaced by a place called Bailey's. Apparently, the owner was a caterer who is trying his hand at a restaurant. The overall theme appears to be comfort-food. After a very nice soup and salad, my wife had shrimp and grits and I had meatloaf with maccaroni and cheese. Both were excellent. For dessert we had a four-apple apple crisp and a simple, but delicious, chocolate cake with vanilla icing. The entrees were less than $12, which was extremely reasonable for the care that went into them. For the time being, they are only open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The menu will change once a week. The third entree for this week was a chicken marsala, if I remember correctly. If you are in the mood for home cooking in a nice outdoor setting, it's a good option.

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  1. Thanks for the report. Did it seem crowded when you went? Chavez had such odd hours--whimsical, it seemed--that we got out of the habit of considering it. Btw, Chavez has consolidated into one location, on Howard at Dekle, across from Sally O'Neal's, but I think it's high-end takeout and catering only.

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      I would say for the soft start (limited hours and menu) that they are doing very well. We sat outside and there were four or five tables seated. There were people sitting inside as well. I am glad you mentioned the consolidation of Chavez; I would not want to suggest that they disappeared.

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        I think I am giving up on this place. I have been several times since my first visit and there always seems to be some kind of issue. Restaurants should know how to cope when they get slammed. Consistently running out of food doesn't seem reasonable to me. On top of that, the prices have gone up and the quality of the food has gone down. The fried pork chops last night were a bready chewy mess. The menu is starting to irk me as well. It always says things like "the best pulled pork in the world." When I read things like that it makes me skeptical from the start. The desert was good last night but that was about it. I wouldn't bother with a negative review but since I started the thread I felt responsible to say something.