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May 29, 2007 04:24 PM

Best Chinese dinner in Rowland Heights?

This is for tonight (we'd like to leave by about 6 PM -- short notice much?). I notice Happy Harbor but it's always in the context of dim sum. Any kind of Chinese, but no Korean, please, and price not an object as long as it's not retardedly high (let's say under $40 pp, we don't drink alcohol).

If this is too short a notice, I totally understand and will rely on my Chow-dar to get us good eats... but would appreciate recommendations.

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  1. OMG I typed a long description of Gu Yue (in Diamond Plaza next to the Pho restaurant) for you and it disappeared. Have you been?

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        I'm so sorry. I fully intended to check back and reply if you hadn't already been there ,and now it's probably too late.

        Gu Yue is usually my family's go-to restaurant because it's the only place everyone can agree on. It's not super fancy, but it's nice enough that we take people there for dinner. Favorites

        -slow-cooked Classic Chinese soups. $1 a bowl for each dish you order (for example, if you only order 4 dishes but you have 6 people, only 4 out of 6 bowls will be $1. I forget the regular price because we always order at least one dish per person). There's a list of about 10 soups: ginseng spare rib, chicken and bamboo fungus, bitter melon, fish with Chinese medicine, the four-ingredient traditional Chinese medicine that's a blackish soup, etc. All very hot and soothing.

        -three cup anything (basil, ginger, soy sauce, rice wine braised chicken, usually)

        -suan ni bai rou (literally "garlicked white pork). Cooked pork belly sliced thin with a garlic hoisin dipping sauce.

        -lamb hot pot. Very cumin, Chinese sa cha sauce, and mustard heavy, it's adark stew chock full of tofu, napa, lamb chunks, and vermicelli.

        I'm not sure what region the food's from, but it's all kind of hearty, strongly flavored, comforting dishes that pair well with lots of rice.

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          Isn't this Country Bistro, the Taiwanese place? I don't recall seeing a Gu Yue sign in Diamond Plaza.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            Yes, I do believe it's Country Bistro. I don't remember if there's an actual English Gu Yue sign or if it's my brain translating for me. It happens to me sometimes; it's a weird magical bilingual thing that happens. Thank you for the English name!

          2. re: Pei

            This place is awesome! Also a family favorite here... or maybe just mine, ha. The large bowls of soup are excellent with many kinds to choose from... half a meal in itself.

            My absolute favorite is the beef... sorry I don't actually have its real name, though "gu yue niu rou" (Gu Yue beef) will probably suffice. The dish has a generous amount of tender peppery yet somewhat sweet beef cubes, on top of sliced tomatoes and raw onion. Absolutely heaven for me!

      2. Seafood Village.

        Get the house special fish and the garlic crab. Can't go wrong. Enjoy.

        Seafood Village
        1463 S. Nogales St., #B
        Rowland Heights

        1. Happy Harbor is also very good for dinner. A little expensive, though.

          1. try "Newport Seafood" on Fullerton Rd. and Colima their special is live lobster and King Red Crab (like the ones on 'Deadliest Catch') awesome service and be prepared to wait if it's the weekend

            1. We ended up going to Seafood Village, which was really nice. I may write up a full-on review later, but we had crab (not the cold one, though, which was odd -- I asked for Chiu Chow-style crab and it ended up being fried with lots of sesame and chilies -- delicious), shrimp with gai lan, ong choi with dried tofu sauce, and Chiu Chow-style porridge, which was absolutely out of this world.

              They gave us tapioca and red bean soup for dessert. It was a huge amount of food, and we ended up having to get more than half of it packed up because Ubergeeklet woke up halfway through dinner and demanded her own dinner, which necessitated a hasty exit so we didn't disturb the other diners.

              Dinner was $66 plus tip, which included three pounds of crab. Thanks ipsedixit for the rec, and Pei, no worries, we'll get to Gu Yue next time, that sounds very tasty.

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