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May 29, 2007 04:22 PM

15 east or Jewel Bako

for a date...i need amazing sushi in a nice place. the reviews for 15 east sound like its stupidly overpriced but delicious nonetheless.

is yasuda too plain for a date?

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  1. I've had many great nights at Jewel Bako. It's not the cheapest place, but you can order conservatively and not have a rediculously expensive night. The food is amazing and the service is incredible. They really take care of you IMHO. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

    1. I did not find the ambience at Yasuda to be especially romantic. Jewel Bako is probably a better place to go if the goal is to enjoy the company of your date, rather than to take in some really exceptional food.

      1. For atmosphere alone, Jewel Bako would take the cake. Sushi Yasuda although nice enough inside has an antiseptic vibe and 15 East is slightly nicer and a lot smaller. I haven't been to Jewel Bako since Masato-san left, so I can't give you a recent review, but I have been a few times to 15 East. I always sit at the sushi in front of Masato and he is still putting out excellent sushi. I think of Yasuda as the top of the line and think 15 East falls just shy of that. Both Yasuda and Masato really select great fish and enjoy talking about it. I think Yasuda has a larger selection of fish available. It is a much bigger restaurant.

        I dont know what reviews have said 15 East is stupidly overpriced. I think my meals there have cost less than comparable meals at either Yasuda or Jewel Bako. Plus I think the service is comparable at 15 East vs. Jewel Bako, although slightly less pretentious at 15 East but the waiters tend to hover around there, if that makes sense. Also, I only sit at sushi bars at these places, so that's what I'm commenting on. I can't speak to the quality of the food/service at a table.

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          yr post was very helpful...i think i may try 15 east here.

        2. If price is a concern, I'd go to Le Miu where you can get a $55 prix fixe meal. It's a great value, and has a nice atmosphere.

          Let us know how the date goes!

          1. I would definitely go with Jewel Bako. Someone else was looking for a romantic sushi venue today and this was my post [there's a good video clip with Jack Lamb of Jewel Bako]: