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May 29, 2007 04:19 PM

Returning from the abyss

So, I was happily reading the Home Cooking board and forgot all about my pasta. Ewww...over cooked pasta!

Since it's pasta, I'm going to toss it and start again but it did get me thinking...

Any tips/tricks you can share for recovering food that's been cooked too far?

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  1. Well, there's a point of no return for ruined food. You can put a pig into a dress, but it will never be truly sexy. I mean, who wants to have sex with a pig? Who wants to eat ruined pasta? I don't care how much Velveeta you use...

    1. If you wanted to, you could make some mushy kugel, adding the mushy noodles to sauteed apples in butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and tuaca, then top w/ graham cracker crumbs, and bake til melded and golden.

      Or a noodle pudding or cake

      1. (This is thanks to a suggestion on another thread, though now I can't find it): overcooked veggies (asparagus, in my case) either pureed and used as a base for a soup or pureed and made into a free-form pesto-type dip.