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May 29, 2007 04:09 PM

Lunch between Ft Lauderdale & Keys

Looking for a good lunch spot not too far off of the highways that connect Ft Lauderdale and Islanorada in the Keys.... prefer cuban, mexican, latin, american or italian..... no seafood.... something that has a bit of a vacation flair.... not a dreary cold place.

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  1. Here are a few places near the turnpike:
    The Pit on 8th st/US41 in Miami for barbecue
    Palacio de los Jugos, one location is near The Pit, for Cuban food and juices
    Robert is Here, in Florida City, for great tropical fruit milkshakes and all kinds of tropical fruits
    Rosita's, also in Florida City, for Mexican. I've only been once, but the sopa de res was very good.
    Although you said you didn't want seafood, you did say Mexican, so I'll also throw in Puerto de Vallarta, a Mexican seafood place in Homestead. Searching the board for any of these places should offer up more info on each and more leads in general.

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