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May 29, 2007 04:07 PM

Near Royal Palm, South Beach

What recommendations do you have for dinner - preferably food with a latin flair and also for lunch within reasonable distance of the Royal Palm (1545 Collins Avenue)? Preferably not places that specialize in Seafood.

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  1. You're toward the north end of South Beach and in easy walking distance to Lincoln Road. For "Nuevo Latino" you can go to OLA, at the Sanctuary Hotel at 17th and James (one block over from Collins), or to Yuca, something of an old guard at this point, which is toward the east end of Lincoln Road (great guava-BBQ baby-back ribs).

    For more traditional, lower budget Cuban, there's David's Cafe a little further west on Lincoln Road. Also several good lunch places on Lincoln Road - Pizza Rustica, Rosinella (Italian), Spris (salad / pizza / pasta); Cafeteria is decent for lunch but better for breakfast. Search this board for several good posts on budget dining in South Beach and you'll find lots of good lunch tips - pretty much anything in South Beach will be walking distance to you.

    Toward the water, Front Porch Cafe on Ocean Dr. is excellent for breakfast.

    Just a few blocks north, Talula (23rd St. just off Collins) is one of my favorite upscale (but not sceney) South Beach restaurants.

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      I'd recommend Ice Box for lunch. It's just off of Lincoln Road on Michigan.
      I second Front Porch Cafe for breakfast and add Puerto Sagua for Cuban.

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          Sounds like you and sobe have some good suggestions. WOuld you say we are better doing Talula for our nice dinner than Emeril's restaurant (which we were also considering).?

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            Actually, one more question... we were in Miami briefly last year and stopped for Mexican in a place that was excellent... no idea the name or location though. We weren't on the water nor where we in a part of town that was too far from the water, just not necessisarily within an easy walk. It was in an area with a few closed off blocks that had lots of outdoor restaurants to choose from. I think it may have had a yellow awning.... sound at all familar?

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              I think the food is better at Talula and also has a bit more local flavor than Emeril's. I suspect the Mexican place you are thinking of is El Rancho Grande which is on Lincoln Road (actually just off it on a side street)