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May 29, 2007 03:30 PM

Port Angeles, WA - food for takeaway

My wife and I are vacationing in Port Angeles for a few days. From reading the boards, it seems there are slim pickings west of PA for food. Any recs for picking up food for takeaway from Port Angeles for day trip west?

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  1. Whenever I roll through Port Angeles en route to or from Olympic NP, I stop in at the Landings Restaurant for outstanding Halibut and Chips; I have gotten them takeaway also. They are they always voted "best of the peninsula" by a local paper, and I think they are the best I've ever had. The clam chowder is very good too.

    1. you might try Michael's Divine Dining which is quite good for the area

      1. I don't know of too many restaurants there that specifically advertise as take-away, here's a few ideas:

        - Thai Pepper - across the street from the city pier. Pretty good Thai. There's also an Indian restaurant in that same building. Both those would probably last pretty well on a day trip if you don't mind eating them cold.

        - Michael's is pretty good. Directly above Michael's is Country Aire, a natural food store. I haven't been in there in quite a while, but they might have some good things for a picnic lunch.

        Heading west, I'd suggest having a meal at the Lake Crescent Lodge. The food's pretty good and the location on the water is perfect. The building's quite nice too. The bar is a nice place to take a break, have a drink.

        On Highway 101 before Lake Crescent there's a little place called Granny's Cafe that's connected to a small motel. I can't vouch for any of the savory foods, but I remember they had the biggest cinnamon rolls I'd ever seen.

        Back in Port Angeles, Olympic Bagel Company has your standard variety of bagel sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.

        Other restaurants I'd consider that are less likely to do takeout: C'est si Bon, Togas, Bella Italia, Bushwacker (standard steakhouse) and Cafe Garden. Great views can be had at Downriggers and the Crab House, though food is hit and miss. We had a real nice lunch at a new place called Joy's Wine Bistro on Front Street as you head into town. I'd like to try dinner there and curious to hear what others thought.

        I grew up in Port Angeles, so let me know if you have any more questions. I must say there's about 5x as many decent dining options as there were when I lived there...

        1. thanks for all the tips...we may just try to stop off for lunch at Lake Crescent Lodge and just take some snacks in case the wife gets hungry and maybe try C'est si Bon for dinner. If we find any other good places along the way, I'll report back.

          1. Food for take away in PA (like sandwiches) - try Spicers Market. It is located just north of the Lincoln x Front St. area. The bread is good and they have goods meats and cheeses available. All the other suggestions are not take away places (save the bagel place). During the summer we have a twice weekly Farmer's Market that camps out at the courthouse parkinglot on Peabody. You can get soup, sandwiches and goodies galore there. During the winter they operate on Saturday's only and have some food - like soup and maybe sandwiches.

            Also, there are food options out West - depending on where you are heading. If you are going to Lake Crescent there is a nice restaurant at Lake Crescent Lodge that is open seasonally - like May - Sept. ish), Further West like Solduc - there is a seasonal restaurant there right at the springs. Out near the coast there are places to eat (like in La Push, Forks and out on the rez), but, packing a sandwich and then picking up chips and soda at the market (there is a nice market on the main drag in Forks) - Thriftymart.

            Remember to pack out your garbage. Enjoy exploring heaven on earth. The forests, rivers, mountains, mosses, beaches... breath taking.

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              Just to update - Spicers is closed.
              The Farmer's Market is now at the Gateway (Front and Railroad/Lincoln).
              They have changed chef's at L. Crescent Lodge. He is terrible.

              if you are set on picnicking, get your food in Port Angeles (at the grocery - Safeway, Albertsons or Sunny Farms) or there is a new soup and sandwich place well, not new... newish. Togas - it used to be euro cuisine. They changed to soup and sandwiches and many locals adore it. it is just past the Albersons on the 101/Lincoln connector on the left as you go West. Green cottage with a sign. That would be a nice option. Me? I would get some goodies and head out to Salt Creek (either the day use at the CG or to the beach). It is 10 minutes out of town. Out of Port Angeles - you take 101 W and then take the 112 (right turn past the junction) and go over the Elwha river and you will see Camp Hayden Road. Make a right onto it. Follow the road until you see the CG and go in (right on the cliff overlooking the strait) or keep going another 1/8th of a mile and you will hit the beach. Park in the small lot or double back and park in the larger lot and tote your goods to the sand. Stunningly gorgeous. Then head West. Another hour and a half you will beat the coast. 112 takes you to Neah Bay and the furthest reaches of West of the contiguous states. loop back onto 101 via 113 which dumps you approx in Beaver then make a right on 101 (W) for Forks, Kalaloch and all points S. Those places obviously further.