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May 29, 2007 03:10 PM

Romantic Restaurant in Baltimore

Can anyone recommend a little romantic place for a third date in Baltimore? Somewhere moderately priced, good wine list and a little funky? He loves seafood. I like local places that deliver fresh, simple food--whether it be chilli dogs or foie gras. A quiet place where the staff doesn't mind you lingering over dessert and coffee is a plus.

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  1. Henniger's Tavern in Fells Point fits the "moderately priced, quiet, locals, and a little funky" bill.

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      1. re: hon

        Wow! 40s vibe, stripper posters and excellent oysters.. sounds like our kind of place.

    1. brasserie tatin,,just off university blvd

      1. If you want a lot funky, try Zodiac in Station Arts North, across from the Charles. They have great options for vegans to carnivores, and always a delicious fish of the day with haricort verts and choice of starch. Whether you'll find it romantic, I don't know (though if it's only a third date you're still in the googly stage where everything is romantic, LOL). But it's rarely crowded if you don't go right before a show, and never rushed. You can sit and linger and no one will look askance at you.

        1. One place I'd recommend is Brewer's Art. You can have dinner upstairs, be surrounded by books, art, and enjoy the ambience of the building's history, as well as the really good food. It's moderately priced and definitely funky.

          I'd second all of the other recommendations EXCEPT for Brasserie Tatin. I can't stand that place. Have been three times, and each experience has gotten worse. After hearing so many great things, reading great reviews on the blogs, I went with a few friends. Came away extremely disappointed, but was willing to give it another chance. Shouldn't have done that. Then, they changed chefs. Went back only as a last resort and came away completely disillusioned. I'm waiting for it to close, because it can't survive as long as it is that bad!

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            When Brasserie Tatin opened, I went there twice, and it was mediocre, but three recent vists have produced some great tastes: sea scallops that were perfectly, I mean perfectly cooked; a sweetbreads appetiser that was rich, lush and tender; and a Merlot beef stew pasta special that was sensational. It tasted as if the chef had massaged both the stock and the meat, and added an extra touch of wine at the end: indecently good. Desserts are still not as good as the other food, and the onion soup was unexciting. But veggies are all done correctly, and the Nectare cocktail is a winner. Try the specials...

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              I'll second the recco of Brewer's Art. Good food, good atmosphere and great beers.

              A higher end place to suggest, especially if coupled with a trip to the Meierhof, is Abercrombie's right across the street. Very good service and food and 'romantic'. Good coffee and desserts too.

              Over in Federal Hill, there's also a place called 'Clayton's' which is mostly a bar. But, they also do a nice dinner, and, from time to time, wine pairing dinners upstairs that are very well priced and fun.

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                A lot of people love The Brewers Art, but I found their good food was undercut by extremely slow and insensitive service, and a manager who hid rather than face us! Kind of spoils the romantic experience.

            2. How about Peter's Inn in Fell's Point? It's a cute spot with weekly menus based on what's fresh.