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May 29, 2007 02:41 PM

Citrus Restaurant (Orlando)

Anyone been to Citrus yet? New restaurant on North Orange Avenue, just north of the main part of downtown, in one of the new condo buildings (office condos, I think).

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  1. I hate to say this but.......Skip it for a while until they get their act together. Also prices are a little steep for the Orlando market. I am sure that they will go down once they figure out their groove, they do show alot of the future.

    1. Respectfully, I must disagree with the O-chef. He's right, they are getting their act together, as every new restaurant must. But that's not enough reason not to try it out for size.

      That said, I find the menu basic, but creative. I find the portions quite large (1.2 a deboned, Ashley Farms free range chicken, plus sides) and, considering the quality of the ingredients, quite fair. (CAB burger, 8 oz., with cheese, Yuca fries and slaw, $9 at lunch -- $12 for a huge plate of Kobe-style carpaccio appetizer).

      The bar is fabulous with great service and very comfortable. Floor service varies, but I've had more hits than misses, and they are very responsive to resolving problems.

      My biggest complaint is the noise level, which they are addressing with insulating panels, etc.

      I must add that I've been close to the operators and have written about the development of the restaurant concept, so there's no anonymous dining in there for me. I am quite sure I get extra attention. But it's also easy to watch how others are treated and I get a lot of feedback for regular customers who dine there.

      Try it, I think you will like it.


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      1. re: Bob Mervine

        I must agree with Bob on several things, yes the Bar is very good and yes I did have far better service at the Bar then the Dining Room. Yes I do belive that you most likely get more focused attention then the normal dinner, unfortunate in some ways yet not so bad in others. Yes it is on the loud side and does have to do with the materials that were selected in build out, but I think that it does add a sort of city style feeling to the place. But the Prices are still on the high side and wording does not cost anything. Like I said they show ALOT of promise and are a very respectable restaurant company with alot of history, but they still need to find their groove and hopefully sooner than later. Try the Bar first and venture into more of a comitment of dinner a little later on down the road.


      2. We actually went for lunch a few days after I posted this. We really enjoyed it. It is a little overpriced for lunch, but not too surprising since it is in the Kres/Hue group.

        DH had the black bean soup and lime chicken salad. I didn't try his salad, but the black bean soup (which I normally do not like) was very good, and considerably better than my yellow tomato bisque, which was watery and a little flavorless. I had the chicken avocado sandwich, which was grilled chicken with vermont cheddar, bacon, and avocado crema, served with yucca fries. The sandwich and fries were delicious, and the chicken was not dry at all.

        We sat on the patio, which was fantastic. It is large and the tables are spaced apart nicely, and the seating is comfortable.

        We also looked at the dessert menu out of curiosity but did not order any. The desserts looked very good. We will definitely go back, but probably for dinner not lunch. It looks like it is probably like Kres where the lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu - definitely overpriced for lunch, but fine for dinner.

        1. well its nothing to write home about - we had a large party and were able to try a little bit of everything - the food was kinda blah, no flavor to it, condiments helped a little - oh wait the flatbread was ok - but that's just a fancy name for thin pizza - the wine was good, but then again they did not make that - they even managed to make the dessert eh - so so - I would not recommend this restaurant for an actual meal - but it seemed like a fun place for meet & greets over cocktails on your way to a nice restaurant.

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          1. re: mimi_wazinski

            I don't mean to be disrespectful, but its very hard to evaluate a one-time review in a vaccum, not knowing what level of food you are used to. I must say, that doesn't match with my experiences there, especially the blah food part.

            There are service issues and noise issues, but haven't heard many complaints about bland food.

            Can you remember the dishes?

            Stuffed trout, skirt steak, flatiron chicken? Cuban coffee creme brulee?


          2. We tried Citrus this past Saturday and our experience was decent. We thought the restaurant was beautiful and the food was good, not outstanding.

            We were seated in a small hallway type area to the right of the hostess stand and the noise level was normal where we were. My only complaint was that we were squished into our table, but we found out later that it wasn't the restaurant's fault, it was because the table behind decided to push their table into ours before we arrived to give themselves more leg room (which they had plenty of to begin with) so we were cramped. The waitress apologized for this after the other table left and moved their table back to where it was supposed to be.

            As for the food, we shared the steak flatbread and the tuna tartare with the table. Both were decent, although the sauce on the flatbread was overpowering and I never tasted the steak. I had the citrus salad and the bacon wrapped scallops and my husband had the exact same thing. Both were good but neither were outstanding. What I really loved was the banana cheesecake dessert. I would go back again just for this. It was delicious.

            We dined with another couple, whom we don't know very well. The wife (who apparently isn't much of a hound) ordered the wedge salad and the filet mignon--butterflied and well-done! UGH. It just sounded disgusting...but that was entirely her fault. She raved about how fantastic her steak was (one of the best in her life) and that the wedge was THE best she's ever had. I can't say as though I trust her judgement. I really obsessed about her entree all weekend--it really disturbed me. I had heard of people who ate like this but I never really knew anyone that did. Anway, back to the meal...The huband ordered the caprese salad and the strip steak with chimmichurri sauce and said they were both great. They shared the "cup" cake for dessert but said it was mostly whipped cream and just a tiny bit of cake.

            I should mention that our waitress was fantastic and very attentive.

            We will go back again, but probably not for a while.

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            1. re: mish

              While visiting my daughter over the Thanksgiving holiday we ate at Citrus. I can't believe the tepid reviews this restaurant received. I live in Los Angeles, and have eaten at many of the "top" restaurants, many of which try to be "creative" and "cutting edge". The results are often just bad. Weird food prepared in weird ways!
              However, Citrus was a 5 star hit for the three of us! The service was superb!
              We went on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving, and it was very quiet.
              The food was fabulous! The taco appetizers were sooo good. Crab cakes were excellent. The bacon wrapped scallops were great, with a wonderful salsa. The steak was perfectly cooked. Well- I could go on!!
              We loved the place so much that my daughter and her husband celebrate their 10th anniversary there just last week, and sung its praises!
              If Citrus was in LA I would eat there all the time!!