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May 29, 2007 02:29 PM

wanted - kobe or waygu steaks - just 2

Does anyone know where I can walk into and buy two of the above steaks?

On another note does anyone know how waygu compares to very good quality meat
from here? last week i had 45 day aged rib eyes from a local high end grocer and they were great - i'd wondering how these would compare

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  1. If you're cooking to impress, I'd go for the consistency of what you've tried and like.Personally, I've been underwhelmed by Canadian designer beef.on a price/quality basis. Toronto's hi-end butchers should be able to oblige with nearly anything you'd like.

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      I tried posting this before but I likely did something wrong - Anyway, I know that the Ozawa company in Richmond Hill has their hands in the Kobe beef business in Ontario. Although they mainly supply to Japanese restaurants they also have a warehouse that is open to the public. You could give them a call and see if they have anything in stock.

      1. re: professor plum

        I like Ozawa for their sake and shochu but wince at their meat prices. Yikes! I guess my point remains that Kobe is just conspicuous consumption--really, who's going to admit they blew that much dough and DIDN'T like it? I'll drop $ on fish from Taro's but not Ozawa's beef.

        1. re: Kagemusha

          how much is it out of curiousity?

          price per kilo or pound for example

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          1. epicure, you are probably correct.
            I would imagine that U.S. prime would B.B.Q better than Wagu.
            Purists claim that B.B.Q destroys the wagu meat, and that it should only be pan seared.
            I am waiting for Cumbrae, as I tried some in Toronto, and it wasn't properly aged.