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May 29, 2007 02:25 PM

Surf Taco in Jackson?

Has anyone eaten here? I saw an ad for the place the other day and was just wondering if anyone had something to say? Thanks!

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  1. I've been to a few of the locations, including the new one in Jackson, and enjoy the food and very casual atmosphere. This is not authentic mexican nor is it gloppy cheese layered food. Rather, its simple, no non-sense Cali-Mexican fare. You order at a counter and then a runner brings you you're food. The Surf Taco -- tempura cod -- is my favorite menu item, and the garlic shrimp and grilled steak tacos are also good. The rice and beans are, unfortunately, pretty bad. Definitely order a fruit smothee. The Jackson location is the only location with a bar. Each location I've been to (Pt. Pleasant, Belmar and Jackson) are extremely tight on space and you'll probably be rubbing elbows with the persons on either side of you, but that is part of the charm of the place. Surfing videos usually run on a loop on the tv screens. Lots of teens and 20 somethings at the shore locations. In short, not somewhere to go out of your way for, but worth a visit if you're in the area.

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      Great response!! I really love Maui Tacos, but since I can't go there as much as I like, this menu reminded me of the place. I also like the fact I can have my Margaritas, too!! yum!!

      Is this location in Jackson in a strip mall? Sometimes when I drive through Jackson, I feel as if I am going in a circle. (Thank God for navigation!)

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        Cool. 21 Hope Chapel Rd in Jackson. I'll have to shoot over and give 'em a whirl. Good stuff at the seafood festival last summer. Haven't had a good fish taco since Mexico. Thanks for the post. I'm in the area ;)

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          I have been to 3 Surf Tacos and have found them all to be really good. The new one in Jackson stops serving at 10 on Sunday.nights.( the bar stops serving at 11). I am hoping that they stay open later during the summer months.

        2. re: jsfein

          Hi, JSEFIN! I think you said it best about the place being "Cali-Mexican". I went last night and really enjoyed it. I had the chicken enchailada's and they were so good! I like when they don't make them ooozing with cheese..gross! This place did it right! I also like that I was not served an entire can of black beans or a pound of rice on the side.

          The chips with the salsa bar were o.k., but I have been trying not to eat the chips at Mexican restaurants anyway.

          The margarita was great!! The place was so busy at 6 p.m. Upstairs and downstairs. Although, I wish they had a seperate area for "waitress only", all in all, I will definately be back!

          I was at the Jackson location.