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May 29, 2007 02:12 PM

Happy hour in midtown?

I work in midtown and am so disspointed with the happy hours around! Does anyone have a suggestion for places I can go, have a discounted drink and some decent food after work?

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  1. Ben Benson's (123 W 52) has huge drinks (not cheap) and free potato skins and fried chicken starting about 1730 hrs. Steak place and mainly men from the nearby financial houses.

    1. Bamboo 52 (52nd btwn 8th and 9th) has really cheap drinks, all drinks are 1/2 price before 9pm. Atmosphere is nice too.

      1. The Zipper Tavern on west 37th and 9th ave may be a bit south for you but they have an awesome happy hour from 5-close and I live for their quesadilla. It comes with guacamole better than my mom makes!

        1. Django
          Campbell apt
          Mad 46
          Beer bar (at centro)

          1. you can also try Haru....i often head there for a nice happy hour.