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May 29, 2007 02:05 PM

fried ice cream? (for 1st timer)

I've gotten it into my head that I *need* to have fried ice cream tonight. I've never made it or attempted it but I do have a LOT of ice cream in my fridge.

How would I do this? I'm a fairly experienced cook so I think I'm up to the challenge and I'm relishing the idea of crunching into a bowl of that under a starry sky tonight. Mmmm.

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  1. You may not be able to make this tonight, but you can certainly do the prep work today and have it tomorrow:

    Cut pound cake into 1/4" thick slices, and form around ice cream balls (standard scoop-sized). Wrap in plastic wrap and put in the coldest part of the freezer. When the ice cream and cake are as hard as hard can be, unwrap, dip in your favorite batter (a relatively thin pancake batter works fine), and deep fry until golden brown. Remove, drain quickly, top with your favorite toppings, and eat it RIGHT NOW, before you have a puddle of melted ice cream.

    Alternately, you can forgo the pound cake and just wrap balls of ice cream with plastic wrap and freeze until rock hard. Fry as above, but use a thicker batter.

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      > Alternately, you can forgo the pound cake and just wrap balls of ice cream
      > with plastic wrap and freeze until rock hard. Fry as above, but use a thicker batter.

      ...but don't do what I did, many years ago, in an apartment with a creaky old refrigerator-freezer. I couldn't quite believe that the ice cream could come out of my not-so-adequate freezer compartment and survive deep frying, so I bought some dry ice and froze it GOOD AND HARD. Not only did the balls of ice cream come out of the deep fryer intact, but my guests had to wait a good twenty minutes before they could jab a spoon into theirs.

    2. yeah you need a couple hours for this... i made this for my annual academy awards dinner this year in honor of little miss sunshine... and it was one of my popular dishes of that evening...

      i actually use vanilla ice cream and corn flakes.

      so i make abotu 1 inch in diameter ice cream balls and place them on a wax paper tray. i freeze them for at least 4 hours.

      then i crush cornflakes (enough for how ever many ice cream balls you have).

      after about 4 hours, i take the ice cream balls out of the freezer and dredge them with the first coat of cornflakes. i really pressed the cornflakes into the frozen ice cream balls. i freeze them again for at least another 4 hours.

      afterwards, i take the coated ice cream balls out and re dredge them with more crushed corn flakes.

      then i let them freeze on the wax paper tray, uncovered, overnight.

      when it's time to fry, i use my tongs and my deep fryer. make sure your oil is HOT. i like about 375 degrees for a few minutes.

      when frying, i drop only 1 ball at a time, because i don't want the oil temp to go down. i usually count until about 30 or more while spinning the fried ice cream ball with the tongs so that each side gets crisp. since the ice cream has been freezing for almost 24 hours, it should not melt too much.

      when done, i just put it in a bowl.. i had served my fried ice cream with a glossy chocolate sauce that i made with corn syrup.

      it's delicious =), you'll want to eat 2 =) i think i made 16 or so... we had about 5 left over, and i actually still have about 3...i still make them, the corn flakes crust is not as crushy as when i made it before, but it really helps for days when i am craving =)

      good luck and tell us how it goes =)

      1. Anyone know if you could do something along these lines with puff-pastry and forgoing the deep-frying? Seem to remember having something like this once...

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          I don't deep fry, so when I have the craving for batter-covered ice cream goodness, I make popovers with a little cinnamon in the batter, and then fill the warm popovers with vanilla ice cream, drizzle with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. It does the trick for me, although it's certainly not the same as the "real" thing.

          1. re: cyberroo

            Ah ha. That's probably what I'm thinking of -- or something like it. Is there a trick to keeping the pop-overs open enough so you can add ice cream?

            1. re: bite bite

              It's been awhile, but I just remember poking holes in them and shoving ice cream inside.

              Mmmmm, maybe I'll have to make some tonight.

        2. We make deep fried ice cream with crushed corn flakes mixed with cinnamon and sugar (I wonder if Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be good...) You do need to form the ice cream balls and refreeze them so they're nice and hard. Then, working fast, roll the ice cream in beaten egg and then roll in the corn flakes, packing it in so every piece of the ice cream is covered. If you're really fast and your deep fryer is ready to go, you can then go from this step straight to the deep fryer (we do these for parties and make them ahead of time to the corn flake step, then deep fry during the party out of the freezer). 30 seconds is good, or until the ball looks browner. It doesn't take long.

          I don't know how puff pastry would work or doing this without deep frying. You need a method that "cooks" very quickly to prevent the ice cream from melting.

          We just found an extra box of cornflakes in the cupboard... I may need to make up some ice cream balls to keep in the freezer for last minute treats. =)

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            oh yes! i forgot about coating the ice cream ball in eggs! hahahah i do that too.. but i actually put the cinnamon in the egg wash....

            i dip the ice cream balls in the egg wash before i dredge it each time in the corn flakes... although your insight on the cinnamon toast crunch sound quite enticing... thanks leanneabe for the new tip! =)

          2. I like to push a fresh strawberry or raspberry into the centre of my icecream ball (you do this when you originally make them , before the first freezing)

            Egg wash (cinnamon in the egg) and dip in Panko.



            Deep fry.

            Eat with Golden Syrup drizzled over.