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May 29, 2007 01:18 PM


Sooo I broke my jaw last week. I'm on a "liquid" diet, but have been eating mainly know...blended type stuff:

soups, risotto, mashed potatoes, polenta, etc

can anyone recommend any restaurants that i should visit during my 4-6 week "liquid diet"???

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  1. Do you think mezze would work for you? Lovely assortment at Kefi:

    Tzatziki, taramosalata, melintzanosalata, Fava selection of spreads: yogurt, “caviar”, eggplant, yellow pea* (for two)

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    1. re: floretbroccoli

      addendum: anywhere south of the 50s? ( i live in the village)

    2. get congee in chinatown, like sliced fish congee. Sliced fish is soft, the rest of the meat congees might involve chewing. You probably can eat some tofu dishes as well.

      vegetarian Indian foods are soft too. I don't know the specific names of them, I just remember some of them being oatmeal like in consistency. Saravanaas on lex around 26th street comes to mind.

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        Congee's my top choice.

        Rice pudding at Rice to Riches.
        Almost anything at Kyotofu.
        Chili, black beans, mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs at Cowgirl.

      2. il laboratorio del gelato, risotteria

        1. Do you have all of your wisdom teeth?

          When my mother broke her jaw earlier this year she discovered tuna sashimi. She found that, even with her jaw wired shut, she could slip small bits of raw tuna in the space where her wisdom teeth used to be. The fish would then pretty much melt in her mouth.

          1. Poor guy or gal.

            sorry to hear about that! I would suggest you eat chinese rice porridge/soup or CONGEE.
            CONGEE VILLAGE on Allen Street and near Delancy Street is the place to eat congee. Excellent with Yau Teew, a battered dough stick you dip in the congee.

            Traditional breakfast for Hong Kong Natives.