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May 29, 2007 01:16 PM

Breakfast with HASHBROWNS?

Who has them, and who's are the best?

So far, the only place that my husband and I have found that serves actual hashbrowns with breakfast/brunch instead of homefries is 900 Grayson in Berkeley. I'd prefer places in the EB and SF first.

Next best....

Bette's Oceanview has potato pancakes. Haven't tried them, but they look good.

Saul's has latkes. However, last time I was at Saul's I was pretty disappointed in the value (very little food for quite a bit of money. also, food was tasty, but didn't appear to be what I ordered)

So, I'm asking the CH's....

After re-reading my search, I thought I should mention that I'm not looking for "greasy spoon" type places. Would prefer a place that uses quality ingredients, ie, fresh potatoes, not frozen, fresh-squeezed OJ, etc.

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  1. Maybe you'll put a bee in the bonnet of the Smith & Wollensky people. How many times I've had their magnificent hash browns for lunch or dinner and wondered why nobody in America does this so well for breakfast. They would have a lock on the market :)

    1. Greasy spoons and hash browns sort of go hand-in-hand. The only places I can think of definitely fall in that category or hover closely. There's Mel's Diner but I wouldn't count on fresh spuds.

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      1. re: ML8000

        I agree, except that restaurants are always trying to one-up eachother and reinvent the wheel so to speak. Especially with the current "comfort food" trend, and diners regaining popularity, I would think that the bay area would be the perfect place to upscale a diner. Like Fog City, and a number of others have.

        1. re: chemchef

          Seems to be little glory in gourmet hash browns. Unlike the frites craze, hard to base a place on hash browns alone. Of the places mentioned like Ole's or Howard's and Art's (both at 9th and Irving) all are old school, greasy spoons or very close, regardless of charm. I believe Art's uses fresh potatoes but it's a greasy spoon, wide as three doorways and all counter space eating.

          1. re: ML8000

            I would never judge a place on hashbrowns alone, however, given how hard it is to find them, and to find good ones, I will start commending any place that serves them!

            Glory? I don't know, I think 900 Grayson has found their glory, and may have cornered the market as well.

            1. re: ML8000

              right on about Art's, they are fresh potato's and the cook prepares them in those big sheets of hash. The best thing on the menu.

              1. re: LIVES2EAT

                L2E, you ever get the hash brown wrapped omelette? I know people who are really into them...but I've never ordered one. They look good however.

                1. re: LIVES2EAT

                  I love the hash browns at Art's Cafe, especially with cheddar cheese melted on the potatoes (I just love that place). However, in recent years I noticed that they occasionally partially-cook the potatoes in advance, and then reheat them to order. Those hash browns are not nearly as good as when they cook them up fresh. Also, anyone remember the old days when he used to manually shred the potatoes to order? Those were the best!

          2. Guess you should head to Alameda. Jim's, Ole's, Tilly's, all serve hashbrowns. Jim's gives you a choice of those or home fries, believe Tilly's does also. Just as a note, at Ole's Waffles, your choice is hashbrowns or grits.

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            1. re: rtmonty

              The hashbrowns at Jim's are terrible: mealy and soggy. I've tried asking for them "well done" and they were just burned, not browned and crisp. Tillie's are much better, but the best are actually at Albert's -- a funky little coffee shop a little farther down Webster.

              My report on Albert's:

              Albert's Cafe
              1541 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501

            2. I know I'll be castigated for this but you can get a 2-Egger at any Nations Hamburger for about $5.50 or so and it comes with Hashbrowns.

              Otherwise I second the recommendation for Jim's Coffeehouse in Alameda. Big menu, lots of hashbrowns.

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              1. re: nicedragonboy

                Nation's serves an honest breakfast, nothing to feel weird about. The prices are very good and the quality as good as any other place at that level.

                1. re: nicedragonboy

                  Thanks for the support, Nations was a staple for me during my college years. Which would probably explain why I need to be exercising a lot more nowadays.

                2. Toast on Church Street in Noe Valley in SF does very nice hashbrowns and is not a greasy spoon, but there is a yummy amount of grease on the hasbrowns.

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                  1. re: NoeMan

                    I second this. I didn't know I liked hash browns (and how much I liked them) until I had them at toast.