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Another Arclight Dining Question

I know there have been numerous threads re. eating near the Arclght theatre, but here goes another:

I'm simply looking for some good pizza in the area, preferably thin crust, and by the slice would be a plus. Any ideas out there? Also, has anyone eaten at the Arclight cafe recently and would you recommend it?

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  1. I can answer the non-pizza question. I ate at Arclight a few days ago, and it was just as I remembered - better than expected, but nothing I'd crave or even visit were I not there already for a movie. That said, there are many things to recommend it - the turnover is so high that you rarely have to wait that long, there's a full bar, and best of all, they write down your movie showtime on a slip at your table so that you can get out in time to head upstairs to the theater. It's solid, no-frills "upscale diner" food - grilled chicken and sirloin strips, fresh salads, pasta, and reasonably priced. The menu link on their website appears broken though.

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      thanks, can't talk.
      i was hoping that maybe there would be pizza on their menu too? doesn't sound like it though but we may still opt for this place as a backup.

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        I don't know which direction you're coming from, but Il Capriccio Pizza on Hollywood Blvd. at Hillhusrt is quite good. It's medium crust with a good selection of toppings, I think they sell it by the slice.

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          We're driving from downtown LA so our exit's Sunset Blvd. Thanks for the suggestion though. I will keep this place in mind.

    2. Village Pizza on Larchmont is really pretty tasty and less than 10 minutes away. They sell slices!

      1. I ate at the Arclight about a week ago, and it was pretty much the same as every other time I've eaten there over the years - I like it. Service still leaves much to be desired - took 10 minutes after we were seated for a waiter to acknowledge us, and this was during a very off-peak hour when they were really not busy at all. No pizzas on the menu - it's primarily salads, sandwiches, and some other entrees like pastas and a fish and chips. The fish and chips is big - my friend ordered it, but note that if you like to eat your fish and chips with cocktail sauce, the Arclight has never had cocktail sauce!

        The chicken fingers appetizer was yummy - great honey mustard. I got my usual tuna sandwich with fries, which were satisfying.

        I also ordered a hot tea, but when they came out with the selection of different teas, there were like two random kinds left, and the waiter said that was all the tea they had left. No green tea was left :( Again - crappy service.

        It is much better than one would expect from a cafe that happens to be at the movie theater. I recommend it primarily because it's so convenient if you're seeing a movie there, and the food is quite satisfying. They've also got a full bar you know, btw.


        Closest pizza I'd recommend is at Bossa Nova on Sunset just west of La Brea. Probably 1 mile west of the Arclight, if that. It's not like NY pizza, but it's still really good and thin crust - no slices though. Their pepperoni pizza is one of my favorites.

        1. Although it's not within walking distance, I'd recommend Palermo's on Vermont. The cheese pizza (get extra cheese) is excellent.

          althought it's not by the slice, i wouldn't worry. i always end up getting my leftovers in a box to go and have a mid-night snack after i get home from the movie.


          1. I shared a fruit and cheese plate and wine with a friend upstairs at the Arclight after seeing a film there. We were both pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it. It was a different experience to have wine and cheese at a movie theatre. I thought it was nice.

            1. I go to the Arclight a lot - at least once a week and have plenty of opinions about the cafe. On the whole, the food at the Arclight Cafe is good (fruit and cheese plate, the chili, the burger, and the quesadilla are my faves) but the service goes through periodic cycles of good and poor. As of the time of this post, it's going through a poor cycle - typical issues are long waits to get menus, dishes arriving before drinks, long waits to get bill, and general disarray. The last time I went, I was told I was denied a table because it was less than 30 minutes before my movie showtime - even though I informed them that I was aware of the time and was only ordering beer and a bowl of the chili.

              I ordered from the bar instead and got prompt service, the food I wanted, and plenty of time to spare, but next time I'm probably going to look elsewhere if I want a full meal.

              Having said that, the Arclight has had issues like this before and fixed them so I wouldn't write it off completely, but until then I'd just stick with the drinks.

              1. Well Considering that it is a cafe in a movie theatre, albeit possibly the world’s greatest movie house, it is not too shabby. I am fond of the Chinese chicken salad and the steak sandwich. I like the eating area and the upstairs cafe too, getting you to your movie takes a lot of the anxiety out of pre movie dinning.

                What I would avoid is the new place that opened next door, Charcoal. The too-cool to be waiting on you waiters may have got me my food in time to see my movie, but it was for not, the Fried Chicken tenders where raw in the center and the salad on which they rested was barely worth the effort it took to chew it. The steaks may have fared better, but going back would not be an easy choice, the menu prices are way too high, and all in all I felt cheap and used afterwards.

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                  I also like the Arclight Cafe. The club sandwich and the tamal are both excellent. A great celeb-sighting spot, too, for your out-of-town friends.