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May 29, 2007 01:15 PM

Bristol Farm Bakery Treats?

How do people feel about the Bristol Farm bakery cases in general? Or, in particular, the one on Westwood south of Wilshire.

I saw some beautiful cupcakes yesterday. Enormous, with cute chocolate corkscrews mounded onto chocolate frosting in a huge mushroom dome. The specialty cakes were also beautiful, especially a white one decorated all the way around with icicle shaped chocolate cigars.

I had other Memorial Day plans, but was very tempted. Are they worth returning for?

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  1. I've tried a very decadent and beautifully made chocolate cake from the Bristol Farms bakery before, as well as some of their breads. I'd say the quality is pretty high. The prices are a bit up there as well but I think overall, it's a good value.

    1. The chocolate brownies that I had at the one in Pasadena are out of control. So yummy!!! They're addicting.

      1. I do the one on Sunset and Fairfax. Love their evilly delicious and gorgeous little mini-cakes. Not a fan of their sugarless chocolate cake -- but might never be a fan of such an abomination regardless of baker.

        1. Ask for a sample. They are very generous with samples (at least the Pasadena store is).

          1. their cupcakes are beautiful! so, i was tempted to try the chocolate cupcake at bristol farms in redondo beach. i was disappointed, they were very dense an pretty dry and the chocolate flavor was not as strong as i usually like.