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May 29, 2007 01:04 PM

venice - recs for this weekend please

Posted a few days ago along following lines, but only got one reply - most unhoundlike ! Can anyone help ?

"Am in Venice over the coming weekend for 3 nights. Would appreciate recs for lunches and dinner. Am staying nr San Marco but want to avoid touristy places and/or getting ripped off.

Have eaten in Cannaregio when stayed in the past and had some great food but that was six years ago, so would appreciate up to date ideas !

Ideally would like somewhere close to San Marco for Friday night - reasonably basic will be fine and afriendly locals spot would be ideal. Open to suggestions at other times, though on one night we will probably go to the casino so somewhere smart would be nice.

Finally , is there any where to have a late drink if the mood takes us? We are late twenties/early thirties so ideally nowhere full of kids "

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  1. For a late night drink...the Hotel Bauer has a terrace in the back that's very romantic and has a great view of the Grand Canal.

    We had dinner at Trattoria da Fiore and liked it a lot (upscale intimate). Don't confuse this with the more expensive Osteria da Fiore.

    1. Hi Willowan -- I just got back from Venice yesterday and while only was there for a day, had a killer meal at Antica Locanda Montin - take a look at my posting on this board for more specifics about the restaurant/food etc. Very un-touristy/local vibe to the place which I agree with you, is far preferable to being surrounded by the masses.

      Another good spot that I can recommend is called Naranzaria -- it's around the corner from the Rialto bridge and has a lot of outdoor seating. Great spot to wind down the evening with a drink or glass of wine overlooking the Grand Canal.

      Do post back where you wind up and enjoy!

      1. It's pretty hard to eat in San Marco and not see any tourists... but if you are willing to put up with a few you could try Alla Rivetta (in Castello but very near Piazza San Marco) on Salizzada San Provolo. It's good, moderately priced food and they will not rip you off (but you will see plenty of tourists, as well as locals, there.) Even better, head to Campo San Bartolomeo to Alla Botte and eat cichetti at the bar or a full meal sitting down. To find it, just find the public restroom and go around the corner. You'll see a wine shop called Alla Botte there too; just go right and you will see Alla Botte the wine bar.

        As for late night drinks there are several places open until midnight or one around the Castello/San Marco border; Cavatappi in Campo della Guerra (if the owners don't poop out early), L'Olandese Volante in Campo San Lio (though you'll see some youth here, the outdoor tables in the campo are a nice place to hang) and Zanzibar in Campo Santa Maria Formosa (ditto.) There is also a bar called Bacaro just outside the Piazza on the way to Accademia, on Salizzada San Moise that is open late as well. Also, on top of the Billa Supermarket on Strada Nova in Cannaregio there is a new (well, about 15 months new) bar that was open until 2 AM last time I was there, and the area around the fish market has lots of happening bars that are open late; Ruga Rialto and Muro are two I always hit up after dinner in that area.

        Have a great weekend.

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          we had one visit to alla Rivetta so its maybe not a fair test but it was definitely middle of the road in quality. I would not return, with lots of other options around.