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May 29, 2007 12:51 PM

Rockville Town Square -- New Stuff

Anybody have experience with some of the new restaurants just opening in Rockville Town Square?? -- specifically........Greystone Grille, Primo Italiano, First Watch, and others.......

The setting is nice.......but hows the chow????

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  1. Primo Italiano sounds like it might be the second for them (the first being in Reston). The chow is good, but about two years ago the owner was such an a** to a few people on the board (including me and our entire office) that I, at least, have boycotted ever since. Used to be a place where we'd order catering for the office regularly and a handful of us would go at least once a week. They've got none of that business since.

    I'm guessing, though, that the owner's daughter is at the helm of the Rockville branch. I worked with her a couple of times on our catering orders and she mentioned she lived in MD and came to Reston to help out her Dad here and there. If so, she was always very pleasant to work with.

    1. Since Saturday I have eaten at Gordon Biersch, Greystone Grille, and La Tasca. I also had part of a donut from the Fractured Prune. GB was good - it was during the hometown holidays and our server was having his first day, not just at GB but his first day as a server anywhere. Everything came out perfectly to his credit. I had a good beer too. Greystone Grill - I expected more. First they took us to a crappy table even though the place was empty, so I requested a different one. The service was very good, and my salad was delicious. The main course - pork tenderloin with mashed sweet potatoes, was kind of heavy. Too much gravy, I guess. My husband had ribs and they were good, kind of spicy. La Tasca was very good too - the tapas we ordered were fresh tasting, hot, and delicious. The friend I was with said she likes the food at Jaleo better. It was really nice to be sitting inside in the air conditioning, but feeling like we were outside because the walls open.

      The donut from fractured prune - to die for.

      It seems strange that there will be four restaurants in a two block area with the word "grill" in the name.

      You're right, the setting is very nice. Its a nice place to just walk around, window shop, and eat a donut.

      1. We ended up at LaTasca last weekend, and it was a disaster. Everything was underseasoned and doused with olive oil, the sangria was close to nonalcoholic (and I'm not a heavy drinker by any means), and we had a really unpleasant experience with a dish that purported to be a goat cheese sand tomato salad--I'm not entirely sure what kind of repulsive cheese was actually layered in with the tomatoes, but it was like no goat cheese I'd ever eaten. Sent it back and got more of the same. On the plus, our waitress was nice.

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          I agree that La Tasca is mediocre. We ate there last weekend. The hostess raved about the spinach, which we ordered and then they said they were out of it. The bread was stale. The chicken was just ok. We are big tapas fans and all agreed that Jaleo was better. I have heard good things about Gordon Biersch- plan to try it soon.

        2. I've actually been to both Primo in Reston and Rockville. Their food is incredible and I recommend it to all my friends. The pizza is fantastic and my kids would rather eat there then any fast food place. I have never had any trouble with their customer service. In fact they have always accommodated our requests.

          As far as Dennis S goes, it seems that he has been bashing my favorite restaurant for years now. I did a search on the internet (yes I have that much free time) and have found blogs dating back at least two years now with his complaining about Primo. Watch out Rockville! He already thinks that all the people in Reston are rude because of his experience at Primo, I guess Rockville is next in line.

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            While it is a classic thread, please read it more carefully. The Reston comment doesn't come from the restaurant, and is highly nuanced in total.

            Additionally, please read my post on this thread more carefully about the potential of the Rockville expansion being headed more by the owner's daughter, who was always extremely pleasant and professional.

            I wish her, and all others who understand the restaurant biz is a service industry, the best of luck.

            1. re: Dennis S

              I had dinner at Gordon Biersch this past weekend. Four of us had salads- they were all quite good. I had the chopped salad and loved it! nice sized portions on all of the dishes. I will definitely be back when I'm in the mood for a salad- can't speak to the other entrees.

          2. The original comment has been removed