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May 29, 2007 12:22 PM


This place recently opened on Coney Island Ave between I & J. It's a "shnitzel bar", similar in concept to Burgers Bar. First you pick a shnitzel, from a variety of coatings, of the type "breadcrumbs and X"; the choices for X include "more breadcrumbs" and "crushed Bissli™ (BBQ flavour)". Shnitzels come in baguette or ciabatta, or in a salad. Vegetable choices for the sandwich or salad are lettuce, tomato, pickle, and raw or grilled onion. Then there's a variety of sauces. In other words, basically the Burgers Bar concept, but with shnitzels (BB does shnitzels too, but they've only got one sort). Chips are available in the usual stick form, or discs like Burgers Bar does.

The shnitzels seem reasonably good. I've had the Italian one, and I'd like to try the Bissli one. I've also had "sesame chicken fingers", and found them disappointingly dry, and not offered with any sort of sauce (ketchup is on the tables). The disc chips were much crisper than at Burgers Bar. Drinks variety is quite limited, again like BB. There's no outdoor seating, and it's all one well-lit room. There's an intermittent WiFi signal from somewhere nearby, but no publicly available outlets. And they're open until 1am. I'll be back a time or two to check it out some more, but so far I don't see it putting BB out of business, even if they were closer together.

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  1. Cool idea. I wouldn't shlep over there (I'm in NJ) for it, but if I found myself nearby, I'd be very interested. Now we need to get a kosher version of Franktitude (http://www.franktitude.com/media_engl...)

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      After three years they're still going strong....

    2. I hear that this concept is the big craze in Israel.

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        I ate at a Schnizti during Pesach on Emek Refaim in Jerusalem. It was yummy, not too expensive.