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May 29, 2007 12:12 PM

Narrowing choice for Birthday Dinner - Please chime in :)

My aunt and uncle are taking me out for a belated birthday dinner which can be somewhat extravagant since it encompasses last years and the present year's birtyday. I would like to go somewhere I haven't yet been (have been to GT, Cru, Veritas, Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernadin, Bouley, Degustation, A Voce, Picholine, Babbo, Jean Georges, (although only for lunch)). Possible restaurants that I am considering are Blue Hill, Aureole, Chanterelle and Daniel.... Thoughts and.or additions? (I have been told that I can pretty much choose anywhere excluding Per Se and Masa). Thanks in advance for your help?

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  1. I would go with Aureole (it's a favorite of mine for celebrations). The food is delicious, the decor is lovely and the service is perfect! Enjoy!

    1. I'd go for Bouley. I've had so many top notch meals there, and now's your chance to go before they leave the old space.

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        I love Bouley too (I thought the OP had already gone to Bouley and was looking for something new).

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          I have had the tasting menu at Bouley...... I did have a question about Aureole though? Have you been since the new chef?

          1. re: kesues

            Yes, he is wonderful! I'm going to Aureole on Friday to celebrate the purchase (hopefully) of my co-op.

            1. re: ellenost

              Thanks for the update and Congratulations (even if slightly premature)

      2. Aquavit is pretty awesome.

        1. I found Aureole to be way past its prime...Cheesy decor. I almost expected Julie, the cruise director from "The Love Boat," to come by and ask if we were enjoying ourselves. We were not, due to the very obsequious service.

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            We've not been to Aureole, so I can't comment on the decor. However, it appears there's a makeover in its not-too-immediate future because Charlie Palmer will be moving Aureole to the Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park in spring 2009.

          2. I forgot to mention: How about the Modern or the Bar Room at the Modern?

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              I really like the Bar Room at the modern. I think the food is excellent, and it is really a lot of fun to share plates. Since it is all small plates and half entrees it is a great place to try alot of different things.

              I think it tends to have a festive atmosphere, but not so loud you can't hear one another.