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Edison Park

Just moved to Edison Park (Harlem and the Northwest Highway-ish) from south Florida. I lived in downtown Chicago for years, so I'm not starting entirely from scratch here, but I don't know the Edison Park/Park Ridge/Niles area at all. What do I need to know about? (Especially in terms of shopping -- I don't want to drive down to the West Loop twice a week for groceries if I can avoid it.)


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  1. There's an Italian market/deli on Northwest Highway, west/NW of Harlem, called Tony's--great subs, great italian sausage. I used to lunch there a few times a week when I worked in Park Ridge. You can also get canned San Marzano tomatoes there. Morningfield's is another "specialty" (I guess that's what you'd call it) grocer in Park Ridge, on Devon near Cumberland, that has a good deli & bakery.

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      Morningfields has what is possibly the best Boston Creme Doughnut on the planet. It weighs half a pound.

    2. I agree with EDL, Tony's Italian Deli on Northwst Hwy has GREAT stuff, and Morningfield's in Park Ridge is a pretty good specialty store; Devon Ave Meats located inside of Morningfields has great meat and the guys behind the counter are very helpful. Trader Joe's has opened in Park Ridge too.

      Zia's Trattoria on Northwest Hwy. has good Italian food. Nam Viet, about a block away has very good Vietnamese food and (although I haven't been there in a long time) Don Juan's across the street has good Mexican.

      In Park Ridge, Venus is good for Chinese. Siam Thai is good. There's also a Lou Malnati's carry out store in Park Ridge on Northwest Hwy. Maki sushi has decent stuff. The Pickwick is an old school coffee shop, some of their soups are very good and the rice pudding is to die for (no raisins though -- which is how I prefer it.) Hay Caramba (spelling?) can be hit or miss for Mexican food.

      That's all I can think of for now. Niles has some hidden gems too.

      Welcome to the neighborhood!

      1. In Niles, there is the Korean Mega-mart - H-Mart.

        In addition to the other restaurants in Edison Park, Moretti's serves very good pizza and decent pasta and has a very pleasant patio for the summer months. The ONLY bad meal that I have ever had in Edison Park was at Tailgator's BBQ. The bakery adjacent to Tony's is also no slouch. Both the bakery and Tony's offer prepared entrees for take-out.

        Was at Don Juan's twice in the last month riding in from Crystal Lake. Creative Mexican cuisine at very reasonable prices.

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          Thanks, everybody! One more question: Is there a decent Farmer's Market in the vicinity?

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            According to Chicago Tribune, Park Ridge has a market on Prairie Avenue south of Metra station, 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays, June 2-Oct. 27. The list can be found at:

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              I second EDL once again! The Park Ridge Farmer's Market is very nice -- we're there almost every Saturday in the summer/early fall.

              Also, there is a Whole Foods in Sauganash which is not far from you at all (maybe 10-15 minutes) at Peterson and Cicero right off the Edens.

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              Go to Jerry's on Milwaukee in Niles (near Oakton) for a wide variety of fresh produce. Across the street from Jerry's is Manalli's, another good Italian grocery store.

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                The Original Pancake House on NW Hwy in Park Ridge is very good for breakfast. Other places not discussed above in Edison Park are Elliott's (NW Hwy) for steak and fish and Edison Park Inn for sandwiches and pizza. I've also heard that The Mecca is supposed to be outstanding.

                Not sure if this is happening or not, but construction has started for possibly The Curragh, an Irish bar/restaurant that is moving here from Schaumburg.

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                  Where did you hear this was opening? In Park Ridge or Edison Park?

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                  Jerry's isn't bad, but wash everything carefully. They're not always on top of the whole "freshness" thing, and I've found more than my fair share of bugs and mold from their stuff.

            3. H-Mart in Niles is the most unbelieveable Asian (Korean, but with Chinese and Japanese products too) groceries. It also has a great fish choice with some sushi. Lots of Asian produce too. Chinese from Chinatown make trips up here for the sales. They have the most different types of noodles I have ever seen. Come on the weekends and you can taste your way through the place. Oh yeah, speaking of tasting, they have a food court. For the most part all Korean (a sushi joint and I think some Chinese dishes too).
              Some of them I have never seen before... the Korean locals slurp it up like they are back home, so it must be pretty authentic.,

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                Forgot to check H Mart out! gotta do that this weekend!

              2. i spent the first 20 years of my life in the ep. i hope you grow to love it. i'm no help with shopping -- i drove to a whole foods 40 minutes away once a week -- but i can tell you all the locals to go happy foods to get their staples. (http://www.yelp.com/biz/74G4G2ZinY31O...
                ) i'm surprised no one has mentioned nonno pino's yet. (http://www.menuism.com/restaurants/aD...) it was my favorite restaurant for ages and i miss it like whoa.

                1. I second the recommendation of Tony's. Also Happy Foods has a great deli, try the potato/egg and onion salad, its great.

                  There is a Dominicks on Devon and Milaukee that is under renovations right now, but the largest grocery store in the area. However, I am more of a fan of Trader Joe's which opened up a few months ago in Park Ridge. It is located off of Northwest Hwy.

                  For a hidden gem of a restaurant (all listed here are very good) I would recommend Pasta d'Arte on Milaukee Ave, near Devon. http://pastadarte.com. I have never been disappointed here, everything is wonderful.

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                    Had a muffaletta sandwich last week at Tony's. It was probably one of the best sandiches that I have ever had. Truly outstanding. (When someone stops at Edison Park for a sandwich on the way downtown from Crystal Lake on the Metra train, that is saying something).

                    The Italian bakery next door is outstanding.

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                      I second (and third) that recommendation for Pasta D'Arte. It's an excellent restaurant and well worth a visit.

                    2. Dude! Forget the west loop! I can't even imagine why you would need to go there for groceries - between Dominicks, Jewel (bleh!), Morningfields, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods (sauganash), Minelli Bros (great italian grocery with fabulous butcher on Milwaukee in Niles), and Tony's (awesome like everyone else has already mentioned)... Also, when my greek aunt was visiting from Vegas several years ago, she and my mom were looking for a specific kind of sausage (can't remember name) and went all the way into Greektown to buy it... the very next day, they stopped at the Greek Grocery store (Spartan Bros, i think) on Touhy and Harlem, and found it 5 min from our house! DAMN!! PR/EP/N rocks for food!!

                      Restaurants: Zia's, Moretti's, Don Juans, Nam Viet, Nonno Pino's, Elliotts... all great, and right there on or just off of Northwest Hwy. In Park Ridge - Pi'ano Pi'ano on Busse, Maki Sushi, MJ2 Bistro on Devon, JD Kadds for stuffed Pizza, Carlucci's in Rosemont (penny wine night on fridays!) I could just go on and on, i LOVE restaurants! :-)

                      AND I just went to the Park Ridge farmers market for the first time this morning and it was GREAT! Kind of small, but unbelieveable food going on there! I want to go back every saturday!

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                        sorry missed your reply, looks like we are on the same wavelength though!

                      2. Ive been in the area for some time and its amazing whats going on right now... Shopping... Trader Joes in DT PR, whole foods on peterson and cicero, and dominicks with a fresh store on Cumberland and Higgins. Food, I cant say I am an expert on EP/PR food but IMO, Morrettis for good food at a good price, maki sushi in PR has some creative maki rolls and I would go there over some of the better known city sushi spots. Gale Street Inn is only a stones throw from you and their meats are great, Original Pancake house and Le Peep are great for brunch and the like... Oberweiss in DT PR has great ice cream but youve got to fight your way through the teenie boppers on summer break. Drinks... Morrettis beer garden or Edison Park Inn. I went to Roadhouse Grill i think it was called on harlem north of touhy and thats got some decent bar food in there also. Problem with our town is nothing is REALLY walking distance but a LOT of places are a short drive. I live at Overhill and NW hwy so jefferson park, cumberland, rosemont, Norwood and all the rest are within 10 mins.

                        1. zia's tratorria is good and reasonably priced for italian food. They usually do a good job with seafood dishes as well. There a pasta dish with an assortment of melt in your mouth tender beef and sometimes they have softshell crabs on special. I'm happy with a nice dish of the pasta arrabiata with angel hair and an appetizer as a meal.