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May 29, 2007 12:06 PM

Oven failed - what to do with brownies?

Mixed up a batch, opened the oven door - no heat. Wrapped the pan in foil and froze it.
When the oven is working again, how should I cook them? Bring it back to room temp, or bake from frozen?

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  1. I'd bring it back up to room temp and bake I guess.

    I thought you were planning to try stove-top cooking brownies and was going to suggest mixing in a bit more milk and making brownie pancakes. Although, to be honest, have no idea whether this would work or not, but like the idea.

    1. from a food-safety perspective your best bet is to thaw in the fridge & then bake...don't bring it down to room temp...that's just asking for a bacteriological nightmare.

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        Yep. You cannot safely thaw anything with fats or eggs down to room temp. You are going to have to thaw this in the fridge. It will take a LOOONG time, probably 48 hours. You can put em in the oven when the pan is still cool (in the forty degree range) but you will have to dial DOWN the oven temp a bit and then extend the cooking time.

        Refrigerated batter/dough is generally not to difficult to get good results with, but you cannot put frozen dough/batter into a regular oven unless the recipe is modified and/or the cookies are in small chunks. A big block of frozen dough/batter will cook and RISE very unevenly and likely burn at the edges before the middle cooks.

      2. I'd actually bake from frozen. You can do it with cookies, so why not brownies? It might require a few extra minutes, but I bet it works fine.

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          You can do it with cookies if you don't care too much about how they turn out, they'll survive because you bake cookies separate from each other on a sheet pan, not in one giant pan like you do brownies. Would you bake a cake from batter frozen in a cake pan?

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            Thanks for all your thoughts. I think I'll defrost it in the fridge and see what happens. I'll let you know how it turned out.