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May 29, 2007 12:03 PM

Just moved to SO, looking for delivery and more

Hi! I'm new here :) I just moved to Sherman Oaks and am looking for some good delivery and reasonably priced restaurants. My delivery menus so far only consist of Papa John's and a Chinese place, I think Healthy Wok, or something like that.

I'm looking for the must-haves for this area. I've done La Frite and not a big fan of Marmalade. So far the only "wow" place I've discovered is Simon's.

I used to live in Mar Vista and am going to miss Antica Pizzeria so much. That was our favorite....

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Sushi Delivery USA delivers really good Sushi to Sherman oaks

    Gourmet on the Go is great, mostly Italian.

    Better Chinese is to be had at Hong Kong 88 and Sushi (odd I know)

    For non delivery:

    Il Tiramisu Italian
    Mulberry Pizza in Encino
    Alcazar in Encino
    Sushi House of Taka In SO
    Carnival in SO
    Great Greek
    Senior Fred (I hate it, but some people love it)
    Boneyard Bistro
    More than Waffles
    La Galette bakery
    Leeda's bakery
    El Katacho (spelling?)
    la Frite
    Chili My Soul (encino)
    The Stand (encino)

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      Second Carnival, Leda's, Chili My Soul (Encino), Hugos, Il Tiramisu

      Also, you've got...
      K's Donut Emporium (Bev Glen x Ventura... my favorite glazed old-fashioned in the city, great apple fritters, and dense cake-y blueberry or chocolate chip muffins)
      Nata's (so much yummy here)
      Aromi on Ventura for good gelato
      D'Amore's if you like it
      Gochi (Encino instead of Gyu-Kaku)
      Stanley's (good casual restaurant)
      Cafe Cordiale
      The Dressing Room (one of my new faves)
      Hugo's Tacos
      limelight yogurt
      Sisley for the chopped chicken salad w/ eggplant
      Calif Chicken Cafe
      Outtake Cafe (in Studio City)

    2. ah, was wondering if you had just moved to some city named significant other.

      1. Cucina Bene on Sepulveda, south of Ventura is very pleasant. For Mexican, you ought to try La Fogata, on Van Nuys Blvd., very good breakfast, lunch and dinner. They do take-out, but don't deliver.

        There are lots of Thai places; none of them great but most all of them deliver. Try

        For Middle Eastern, with a Lebanese slant, try Carnival, on Woodman, just north of Ventura. Very good food and value.

        Of course, there's lots of sushi. I like Iwata, but there are many good ones within a reasonable drive.

        For the record, I hate Marmalade. And Healthy Wok is pretty grim. Unfortunately, Hong Kong 88 is rather hit and miss. Fortunately, we have a Sam Woo at Victory and Sepulveda, great roasted meats and rice and noodle dishes. In the same shopping center is a 99 Ranch Market and Pho So, for Vietnamese beef dishes.