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May 29, 2007 11:55 AM

Best Ethiopian (children)

I'm trying to arrange a reservation at an Ethiopian restaurant for my cousin and his family to enjoy in DC. They are visiting from abroad. I am aware of what some of the better Ethiopian places in DC are, but they have two small children in tow, one is 5, the other is 3.

I was wondering what the best places would be that are also kid-friendly? Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I've seen children in most of the Ethiopian restaurants. That said, Meskeerem in Adams-Morgan is large enough to accomodate kids without them being intrusive. If you are willing to go to Silver Spring, Addis Ababa (ask to sit upstairs) would be perfect. They deal with children extremely well. However, please remember that Ethiopian food tends to be quite spicy, so the young children may find it a bit too much. But they will like the injera.

    1. I think most of the Ethiopian places in the 9th and U Sts. area would fit the bill (they're better than Meskerem IMHO and easier to park near)--UNLESS by "kid friendly" you mean "no bar in the same room," as I think most of them do have bars. Now, none of them are going to be as clean looking (read "sterile") as Big Boy or Olive Garden, they are real restaurants. My guess is the waitstaffs will be very friendly toward the kids.

      I personally lean toward Axum, as I like their vegetarian combo. I believe Madjet is popular with the people who prefer "tibs." Dukem, Etete also good.... Who am I forgetting...?

      I hope the kids end up liking Ethiopian cuisine. They should: it's a built-in excuse to eat with your hands.

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        I agree that the Ethiopian restaurants along U Street are better and more authentic, but I don't know that I'd want to be strolling along that area with a couple of young kids in tow. Admittedly, parking in Adams-Morgan is very difficult, which is why I suggest going to Addis Ababa in Silver Spring. If you are on the METRO and the kids are not to difficult to deal with (read they don't insist on being carried often), U Street is definitely a good choice. Etete is also a good choice. But I again warn you that Ethiopian food, even when toned down, is fairly spicy.

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          Depends on how skittish you are, and time of day, I suppose. The U St. area is gentrifying rapidly. I have been approached by panhandlers there, but never hassled--as I was near Meskerem by a guy hustling parking space "protection."

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            The Shaw Metro stop is 1/4 mile from Etete. Pretty far with a 3- and 5-year old.
            Pretty tough neighborhood right now. Big surge in crime. The club across from Etete has been closed following a fatal shooting. Recent shooting inside another Ethiopian restaurant nearby. Lots of liquor license suspensions due to problems with the restaurants up there.
            Not sure I'd take children. Maybe not send tourists who aren't familiar with the city.

        2. Go with Dukem. It is in the nicer part of U st. as opposed to 9th st., the food is great, and it is literally steps from the Metro (parking might be a problem). Your cousin and his/her family will love it.

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            I wouldn't have any qualms strolling down U street with children - we live there and do it with our child every day! I would also second the Dukem suggestion.