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May 29, 2007 11:49 AM

Best pizza in Oceanside/Rockville Centre area?

I've been looking for a good pizza place in this area and I can't seem to find one. I think I've been spoiled by working near Umberto's in New Hyde Park. I keep looking for something as good in this area. Any recommendations?


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  1. Haven't been to Umberto's, but I think the best in the area is Blue Moon, RVC. We always try to sit in last booth n the back by the oven so it hits plate at optimum consistency.

    Thin crust, tasty tomato sauce, fresh cheese= good stuff.

    1. Blue Moon is the best in RVC, but IMHO, Grimaldi's in GC is far superior in every way.

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        Nicks pizza on Sunrise Hwy in RVC always did the trick for me.

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          Grimaldi's also has my vote but I'll have to try blue moon some day.

        2. I am a fan of Pizziola (sp?) on Long Beach Road in Oceanside. Especially the veggie slice.

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            I second Pizziaola. Closest to Brooklyn pizza I've had in the area.

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              I second both Blue Moon and NIck's, but take the extra 15 minutes and go to Grimaldi's in GC.

              I have to say, while I've only had Umberto's once, it was only ok. Maybe b/c it was delivery, but the slice was think, big clumps of cheese. I don't know. I'd love to try it again...was this a rare experience? For that matter, is King Umberto's the good place, and is it the same as the other Umberto's?

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                I don't think they are the same. Did you have the grandma pizza?

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                  Both Umberto's on Jericho Tpk in New Hyde Park and King Umberto's just off Hempstead Tpk in Elmont do a great Grandma slice, thin ,crisp and delicious. A chowhound contributor and Newsday food writer Erica Marcus has done a piece for Newsday and the Ed Levine book, that tells the story of the restaurants.


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                    I guess I am a traditionalist, but for great Neapolitan pies without any toppingsm I always go to Ginos in Long Beach. Their Sicilian ain't bad either, but the traditional slice is outstanding

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                      Hey Thanks - Blue Moon is so close I will try there this weekend. I will definitely check Grimaldi's too - on the way home from work. As far as Umberto's goes - the one in NHP serves fantastic Sicilian and Grandma's. I haven't tried their Grandpa's yet though.

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                        Blue Moon is very nice. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

                        Don't forget about Nick's (on Sunrise Hwy). Off shoot of Forest Hills place. Very good pies.

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                          Ahh, Nick's! I lived in Forest Hills for several years and forgot all about it. Add another place to try to my list! I also need to make my way back to the Thai place, Q, which continues to do well across from the original Nicks..

            2. My favorites are Raimo's in Freeport and Roma's in Merrick.

              Gino's in LB brings back fond 35+ year old memories of a slice and a small root beer after orthodontist visits, with my mom and sister. Ate there last summer with my daughter - we both loved it.

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                Umberto's, Nicks, Blue Moon, and Gino's are all great choices

              2. Paradisios in RVC is a must try. Excellent pizza the meals are delicous and large portions. Always crowded.