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May 29, 2007 11:42 AM

Tojo's New Location Vancouver- Is it worth it?

I made a reservation for the hubby and I however am now second guessing myself. We have eaten at Tojo's a few times over the last 3 years but have not been for over a year and a half. What's the word on the street, is it still wonderful Sushi? I have seen some not so good reviews lately. Any other req's of a nice place to have dinner besides West? We will be enjoying a much needed night out while the grandparents babysit.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I just had a great dinner of Oysters and sushi at Blue Water. It is more of a have drinks and oysters place then all about the food but that said everything was fantastic.


    1. We had a great dinner there two weeks ago. No real change in quality and service from the old location.

      1. Have you tried Tampopo's on Denman? Nice place and 'all you can eat' sushi. Nice large patio upstairs. Great food!

        1. I've been to Tojo's once, and the three of us spent $500 on food alone. Although the first few offerings were acceptable, the rest were definitely subpar. To be blunt, I couldn't believe the garbage that was being served. To this day, whenever I hear praises of Tojo's I can't figure it out. I've had better Omakase at Kaji Sushi in Toronto, or Nobu in Miami. I personally wouldn't return to Tojo's. I rate them 5.5 out of 10, just for pure lack of value.

          1. After reading about the somewhat lackluster reviews of Tojo, we went in search for some other great Sushi restaurants in Vancouver last week.

            On the suggestion of some friends, we checked out Yoshi (NW Downtown area) and Kaide (Richards Street).

            Yoshi was excellent - the food was good and the service was excellent. Atmosphere was comfortable as well, great place for a nice quiet dinner with the hubby.

            Kaide is a smaller restaurant, they have very unique offerings on the menu. I don't have the exact names, but there was one roll made from soyabean wrap instead of the more traditional seaweed. Very good value there as well, we spent about $60 for what we usually end up spending >$100 on. I'd definately go back.

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              My Review from a few weeks ago...

              My wife and I had the Omakase at Tojo's on Friday (Aug 3, 2007). We had a wedding on Saturday and decided to fly in a day early just to eat at Tojo's.

              Our experience was spectacular, this was easily one of the top 5 meals of our lives. We came in with very high expectations and the Omakase matched those expectations in every way. We had about 10 courses in all with both cold Sake and Hot Sake (we ordered premium sake), the total with tip was $400.

              some of the highlight dishes we had...
              1) Smoked sable fish, wrapped in parchment paper along with root vegatables and mushrooms...mmm, amazing and buttery.
              2) Tempura Lobster and Pinepple wrapped in a soft crepe...sweet juicy and succulent, thank god he gave us three rolls each, so many flavours that my senses were allover the place.
              3) Dungeness Crab Salad - minced and served with julianne slices of apple on the bottom. On top a cute baby edible crab that when you eat it cruches at first then melts away in your mouth, truly amazing texture and taste, so unique.
              4) Bluefin Tuna Toro - Best fish ever!
              5) Tuna and Salmon egg hand roll - the first and only hand roll I've ever liked!! Generally, what turns me off of handrolls is the tough seaweed, I find it delicious in normal rolls and small quantities but not in large amounts. But Tojo's uses a delicious and very fine seaweed for their rolls that melts in your mouth and is easy to eat!! mmmm..
              6) Steaming Hot Tempura Artichoke Flower stuffed with scallops, accompanied by two small tempura hot chilies, which you ate first. Just amazingly delicious.

              So we had a great experience and we will go back next time we're in Vancouver.