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May 29, 2007 11:21 AM

Dim Sum in Dade, Broward or Palm Beach.

Our dim sum restaurant, Hong Kong City BBQ has closed because of a murder on the premises.

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  1. Best in Miami:

    Mr. Chu's (Miami Beach, 8th & Washington) - excellent push cart dimsum, good selection, nice folks, classy location.

    Tropical (Bird Rd. around 79th Ave.) - also very good pushart dimsum, very busy on weekends. I still can't decide which I prefer, though Mr. Chu's is closer so I'm there more often.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Mr. Chu so far is our favorite. It was better than dim sum we had in Hong Kong. Every once in a while I go to Bamboo Gardens in Pembroke Pines. But, Mr. Chu is better.

        1. re: Rimtalay

          I apologize in advance. I prefer South Garden on Sunset to the others including Tropical. For me, there is a certain expectation that the clientele of the country of origin has concerning Asian food. The Chinese eat at South Garden. Sometimes they eat at Tropical, but what ruined Tropical for me was going there with Cantonese and Mandarin speakers then receiving better treatment. The same is true at Matsuri, where the Japanese get the "real" menu and treatment. I suppose that they have to do what they have to do; however, in my case, having spent years in Asia, I prefer the "authenticity."

          1. re: crach

            Didn't even know from South Garden, now I'll have to try it. Though I've been less likely to make the pilgrimage from the Beach out to the southwestern hinterlands now that Mr. Chu started doing dim sum.

      2. Toa Toa
        4145 Pine Island Road, Sunrise

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        1. re: Munchkin

          Anyone have any dimsum suggestions for a big further north? and may be east?

          1. re: JulieF

            singing bamboo in west palm on military trail, i think its in the cocoa plum plaza.
            its not on the regular menu, you need to ask for it.

            1. re: JulieF

              Jumbo's has been an old family favorite for us -- in North Miami Beach on 163rd Street. No push carts, but a pretty extensive dim sum menu that is available every day.

          2. Tropical definitely changes if you are Chinese or there with Chinese. I have been there a few times on my own and then came in with a group of six business associates from China. They discovered the chef came from the same village as one of the people in the party and the fun began. The menu disappeared and all kinds of stuff you did not see on any long nose's table appeared. Still a pretty good Chinese joint, maybe the best in Miami area.

            1. We were customers for Hong Kong BBQ for many years - it still makes us sad. Today we went looking for the best substitute we could find. Tried Toa Toa in Tamarac for dim sum. Overall the food is pretty good - the BBQ pork bun is less sweet than you might find other places. Other traditional dishes like the eggplant were just not quite as good as the old Hong Kong. Tried something different - the fried scallop - and it was ok but nothing special. We've already tried China Dumpling and the Great Lakes - pretty decent but not fabulous. The hunt will continue.

              1. How about China Pavilion Chinese Dimsum Restaurant, 270 S. Flamingo Rd. in Pembroke Pines? Haven't been there but they do have an ad in the Chinese newspaper.

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                1. re: Chandavkl

                  China Pavilion is new, or expanded into a dim sum place is more like it I should say. It used to be a small take-out place. They only serve dim sum till 4 PM and on the weekends, the restaurant is filled with real Chinese people. The menu is not quite as impressive as South Garden and there was no push carts, but it was still quite good and I don't have to drive all the way down to South Miami. The pastry is really good I should say.