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May 29, 2007 11:10 AM

Lunch Fairfield CT off Merrit Hi-ho exit??


Meeting a friend for lunch in fairfiled off the merrit parkway. What's good off of the motel hi-ho exit? She doesn't want to travel far from the exit because she doesn't know the area well.

Isn't there a Barcelons in that motel? Is it open for lunch?


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  1. Barcelona is there, as of the last time I was in the area. Don't know if it's open for lunch. I've never been there myself, but my parents enjoyed it.

    If you go on Black Rock Turnpike (the road that you're on when you get off the exit) towards Bridgeport, there is Cinzano's, a pretty good Italian place maybe 1/2-1 mile up the road.