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May 29, 2007 10:30 AM

Hownding for half price

I am aghast. The Gigante markets have stopped cutting their broiled whole chickens and other heated/prepped food prices in half in the late night hours, as had been their practice. Instead it all gets tossed in the old dumpster I suppose.

Ah, but I am agog! It is revealed on chowhound that the local Han Kook Korean markets offer the same deal! And Mitsawa will cut a few bucks off their sushi, fried chicken nuggets, and other stuff after 7pm.

And I just heard of the megatron of all deals the other day, the MDR Vons had the entire freakin' store off for half price just before undergoing a massive remodeling project.

So where else should I be looking for half-price/heavy discount prices for good eats of any kind?

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  1. I used to sometimes go to Safe and Save, a small market on Sawtelle next to Hide, which cut its fish prices in half in the late afternoon/evening. I don't know if they still do and the selection of fish is pretty small, but it used to be a very good deal.

    1. After maybe 5pm they seriously discount the boxes of cookies at City Bakery. I got a big box of cookies there the other weekend for 10$ where those cookies normally purchased individually would have been at least twice that amount.

      1. Sea Empress in Gardena sells a selection of dim sum for half price towards the end of service. Mostly pastries such as egg custard cups and char siu bao, but if you go in the Mitsuwa supermarket (in the same plaza), Sea Empress sells their left over dim sum for half price.