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May 29, 2007 10:30 AM


I am returning home after many years and want to know the best place for beef on weck? Last time I got one at the Anchor Bar & was dissapointed!

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  1. You'll hear a lot of good for Schwabel's but I really like BarBill in East Aurora. Anchor Bar has become a tourist trap. BarBill has excellent wings too.
    It's not like it was - a good beef on weck in just about every corner bar. Same thing with Friday fish frys. Even finding good weck rolls has become problematic - Charlie the Butcher may have good beef but the roll sucks. I know you won't be disappointed at BarBill!

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    1. re: houdini

      Sad to hear about the fish of my fondest memories. Used to live in the Black Rock area and got some great ones along Niagara Street. Loking foeward to Sovlaki & Texas Hots from the Towne & Logenberry! Any other dining sugestions???

      1. re: Lovthebluz

        Still some good Friday fish frys around. Try Stirling Place Tavern on Hertel Ave. Sometimes they even have Pike. Good beer too (e.g. Great Lakes Brewing from Cleveland is a regular).

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          Ok, I'll tell you a secret as you're a former Buffalonian that treasures fish fries - try Viking Lobster on "T" Street. Although noted for their namesake, the fish frys are awesome.

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            thanx - I heard about that place. I went to Riverside so I remember the neighboehood!

      2. I second the recommendation of BarBill in East Aurora for great beef on weck as well as wings. Another great beef on weck is to be found at Eckl's in Orchard Park. Both of these places are worth the trip from downtown - they really are best of kind.

        1. Schwabel's in West Seneca, is good.. though they recently changed ownership. Plenty of other very good beef on weck joints in WNY..I like Charlie The Butcher..who has a small stand close to the airport(backside near Prior Aviation.)..and he's inside the Wegmans supermarket on Alberta Drive--next to Blvd. Mall. Another is Brennans Bowery Bar, located at the Main/Transit intersection in a strip mall. They pile on the beef and the horseradish has a good kick, too. Happy eating..and welcome back !

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            Charlie the Butcher doesn't know what a kimmelweck roll is - granted the beef is good and the horseradish has a good kick (and you can get an extra plastic container of it) but without the roll - forgetaboutit!

            1. re: houdini

              Having stopped at Charlie the Butcher just before a flight last week, I can second the complaint about the bread. But the beef wasn't anything special, either. At least it was sliced to order. --PR

          2. For Beef on Weck, I agree with everyone about Schwabel's in West Seneca, though I haven't been there since they changed hands.

            Forget Anchor Bar for beef-on-weck, last time I was there, the meager-beef sandwich was dry and their horseradish came in a little plastic take-out envelope. Yuck!!!!

            I'm surprised that no one mentioned Ulrich's Tavern, downtown on Ellicott and Virginia, for a fish-fry. Nice big piece with crispy batter. Ulrich's is the oldest continually-running tavern in Buffalo and has a German-Irish ancestry, so they do good german potato salad or spaetzle as sides, which I would reccomend. Very good collection of local and craft-beers on tap, too.
            My wife and I are regulars.