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May 29, 2007 10:25 AM

Soft Shell Crab near Tallahassee

Is there any where in town that serves soft shell crab or close by?

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  1. Albert's Provence has usually had them in season. By the way, we are trying to get a group of Tallahassee chowhounds together for a dinner somewhere. If you -- or anyone -- are interested, please contact me at
    I have already heard from 4 or 5. Thanks

    1. Wakulla County has a place that serves them. It's called Spring Creek and is located at 33 Ben Willis Road in Crawfordville, 926-3751. Another is off Woodville HWY and is called the Seineyard. Angelos is about to reopen, if it hasn't already in Panecea. Certainly they have them too.

      1. Drove past Angelos last weekend and it still isn't open. The best place 'round here is Spring Creek. If you can find them at Southern Seafood, here is a way of fixing them from the NYT

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        1. I haven't lived in T-town since 1983, BUT back then the Spring Creek Restaurant was jsut the best. At that time, Spring Creek consisted of 2 things: One small boat dock and One small restaurant, so you can imagine the freshness of the fish. I'm sure it's changed, but from the rec's I see here, I would go there in an aging, cholesterol-choked heartbeat.

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            Wishbugger - it has not changed at all!

          2. Try Posey's Steam Room in Panacea -

            Call ahead and make sure that they have them.

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              You can also find them at Kitcho as an appetizer.