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May 29, 2007 10:19 AM

Replacement for salmon in Istanbul?

I would like to prepare a dish for the family I will be staying with at the end of June. Here in the U.S., I use salmon with a honey mustard sauce wrapped in philo. Is there a comparable fish available in Istanbul?

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  1. Fresh salmon steaks and fillets, usually imported from Norway, are generally available at the larger supermarkets...try Migros (especially a big one) or, if they've arrived in Istanbul yet, Kipa (operated by the UKs Tesco). Make sure you get the stuff from Norway, otherwise you might be buying salmon-trout, a fresh-water fish (which is usually sold whole).

    Beware: for some reason, fish doesn't seem to come scaled ... so be prepared to scale the salmon yourself. Also, IMO the Norwegian salmon I've tried here doesn't have the flavour of Canadian salmon (and, I assume, what you're used to in the US).