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May 29, 2007 10:00 AM

Soft Shell Crab in Brooklyn?

I recently read that due to global warming, soft shell crab season is upon us a tad early. Does any one have recommendations for resto's or hole in the walls in Brooklyn that make fresh, delicious and affordable soft shell crabs? We have a car and can drive out to whatever place has the best soft shell crabs.

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  1. Not a hole in the wall, but we had some very tasty soft shell crabs at Lunetta on Smith St. I was really pleased to see that they've changed up the menu a bit and the special the night we were there was soft shell crab.

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    1. re: Nehna

      i was there when they had the soft shells on speacial and they were really good. Lunetta is always pleasing and has a really nice atmosphere

    2. Had them twice at Henry's End already. Once with mango salsa with a kick and the other time with basil garlic butter. Great stuff but this'll cost you mid- $20s for an entree. I'm assuming that Chestnut probably has put them back on as an appetizer (soft shell tacos... they're great) by now, but I think I'll go do some "research" tonite to make sure.

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        Research completed. Ate a great dinner at Chestnut tonite but missed the soft shell tacos by one day. Daniel says that they're on the menu as of tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Rhubarb sorbet and orange gelato (house made) for dessert almost made up for it.

      2. They have them on special at Petite Crevette on Hicks in Carroll Gardens for appetizer (1 for $7) and entree (3 for $20 I think). Comes with greens and frites. Very tasty, but I am not experienced enough to say if they are the best.

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          Had the soft shells at Petite Crevette yesterday. Two huge very fresh, tasty crabs, deep fried with FF and greens for $19. Simple, but delicious. It's BYOB with a $5 corkage. Cash only. Neil was there, keeping an eye on things.

        2. Soft Shell Crab season always begins in May.

          We has absolutely scrumptious, meaty, crispy SSC appetizers at Noodle Pudding. Next time I will order them as my main dish.

          The SSC at Henry's End were great as well. If you go when they are not too crowded and rushed, they will deep fry them for you.

          Armando's had some delicious SSC last year, must try again.

          And then there is always Randazzo's in Sheepshead Bay.

          If you have a car, and want to drive, take a trip down to Baltimore in July or August. The SSC are plentiful, and really cheap. We were there for a month last year, and had our fill. Well worth the trip.

          1. All this talk about Soft Shell Crabs made my mouth water for more.

            We had dinner at ARMANDO'S on Montague Street with friends, and all four of us had the SSC.

            Absolutely delicious. Two huge crabs, we had the Deep Fried, crunchy, juicy, and wonderful, and our friends had the SSC sauteed a la Meuniere . Really, as wonderful as the SSC we had in Baltimore.

            The rest of the dinner was fine too. Fresh House Salad, the SSC, and two desserts. Two bottles of wine. Our food bill was only around $100 for four before tax and tip and wine.

            SSC lovers out there, try ARMANDO'S . An old time favorite that is often overlooked.