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May 29, 2007 09:56 AM

Interesting (non-exotic) food near N. Attleboro (S. Boston, Providence)?


I've got an opportunity and hoping you can help. I'm a Midwesterner that will be up in the greater south Boston / Providence area for a couple of evenings and am looking for food ideas. While I'm a pretty adventurous eater, I'll be with some folks that like more mainstream (read: American, Italian, Chinese-American, etc.) food. However, I want to avoid chains and bad food to whatever extent possible. What to do! I'd be very open to ideas of local places that meet these characteristics-- we're able to do anything from "casual" (jeans and a button-up) to "nice" (business casual). What do you think? Can you help? (If it helps, our "base of operations" will be N. Attleboro.)


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  1. You'll be a short distance from the old Italian neighborhood Federal Hill in Providence.
    Great restaurants and great for a stroll and an after-dinner drink.
    Two I'd recommend are Siena and Mediterraneo.

    1. I really like Colonel Blackinton Inn, in Attleboro. I love their outdoor seating (gardeny-courtyard type setting) but the indoor seating is very nice too. I've never had a bad meal. One thing to keep in mind.....a local Frank Sinatra impersonator plays several nights a week. While most people seem to consider that a plus (and he IS good), I find it much too loud & intrusive during dinner. You definitely can't hold a conversation while he's singing. Something to keep in mind depending on your noise tolerance. See the menus (lunch/dinner/Sun brunch) here:

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        I second the Col. Blackinton recommendation. The food and ambience are great. Haven't seen the Sinatra impersonator yet!

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        1. Memphis Rib House in Attleboro is tied for tops in the area for BBQ. Not good ol' rib joint prices though.

          1. From North Attleboro, drive north on Rt. 1 a few miles to the Chieftain Pub in Plainville. Casual place with great food, especially the steamers. A little further up Rt. 1 in Wrentham is Luciano's, which has decent Italian.