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May 29, 2007 09:51 AM

Pizza (in or around) Culver City

All I could come up with was a recommendation for Ugo. Any other thoughts ?


(we'll be coming from the south/west if that increases our options.)

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  1. Will you be there on a weekday or a weekend? It make a difference as one of the places, (Victor Jr's) is only open during the week. There is always The Coop. Some swear by it, some swear at it. Just outside of Culver City in West LA, (or maybe just outside of West LA in CC). I recommend Victor Jr's over the Coop, (and V jr's also has good sandwiches)

    Coop Pizza
    10006 National Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA
    Phone: (310) 837-4462
    Mon-Fri 11am-9pm
    Sat 11am-9:30pm
    Sun 1pm-9pm

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    1. re: tony michaels

      Two of my current favorites have been mentioned already. Victor Jr's for more traditional pizzas - great sauce that tastes like they've put alot of effort in refining it over the years (probably more like decades) to have a nice tang and just the right combination of onions and herbs... As Sir Tony mentions, their one minus for eaters is their limited ours of operation. They do alot of take out and delivery, but feel free to drop in and grab a stool on counter along the wall, or sit outside but bring a sweater. Great sandwiches as well...

      Abbot's Pizza on Abbot Kinney for lots of variations on pizzas. If you enjoy the sublime taste of grilled mushrooms, grab a few slices of their wild mushroom pizza - my favorite there. Also, their salad pizza is great as well. One slice of that, along with a wild mushroom and maybe a popeyes chicken and that's a full meal...

        1. re: LetMeEatCake

          And the list goes on... this place is a godsend for us pizza lovers in the Westside...

    2. The Coop! I love Coop pizza. It's inexpensive, and the folks that work there are really, really nice. It's the best pizza I've had in LA. Sadly, I've never found a menu online. But I think the extra large is $13, w/toppings $1.50 each (toppings are cheaper the smaller the pizza.) They have the standard toppings, plus some nice extras. Their calzones are also good, and their antipasto salad excellent.

      1. Coop is NY style - not sure what style you are looking for. They do have probably the best NY style in or near Culver City.

        Antica Pizzeria in the Marina (on Glendon in the same mall as Gelsons and Sport Chalet) is great for Neopolitan style, and I also like Kristina's on Overland in Palms for their pizzas.

        And let us know if you find something better in your search.

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        1. re: CulverJack

          I agree that the Coop is great, but just be aware that it is strictly takeout. There is no room or tables to eat in.

          Victor's Jr also has very good NY style pizza (and very good subs too) and a few tables to sit at.

          1. re: CulverJack

            I agree with Jack and also want to mention a little Italian restaurant on Culver and Braddock called something like Fioretti-I always forget! The pizza is in the style of Antica and I really like it. The pasta is good too. The pizza is always on menu and is offered as a special with salad. It is a sit-down place with all the amenities implied.

          2. Hmm, I heard about Juliette's Pizzeria which is in the strip mall on the south-east corner of Palms & Sepulveda. Suppose to be a GREAT pie but not so great service.

            1. another vote for Victor Jr's! Their chicken parm pizza is yummy!