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Where can I get Schweppes Bitter Lemon?

A hard-to-find soda that's an old favorite of my family's. Has anyone seen it for same anywhere around here?

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  1. I'll keep my eye out for it! I know how nice it is to find a long lost soda. I was recently thrilled to find Coke with sugar just up the road from me.

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        The real, sugar-sweetened Coke is in Quakertown at a hole-in-the-wall good taco joint. They don't always have it. I recommend you try any Mexican grocery, because in Mexico they still use sugar in their Coke! Unfortunately, some of it says sugar on the label, while others say that it has either corn syrup or sugar. I'm not enough of a coke drinker to take a chance on that one.

        1. re: watercress

          I am a coke addict. I never realized that they changed from sugar to corn syrup.

          Also, there is a refreshing drink that tastes sort of like grapefruit in a way -- like Fresca but much better than Fresca -- called TING (it is hard to find in the States but can be found in Anguilla) I wish they'd bring it here.
          If anyone knows where to get it, please let me know.

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            I think they changed when they went to Real Coke. Remember? About 10 - 15 years ago (???). Then, because of the uproar, they switched back to the 'original' Coke – except they switched from sugar to corn syrup. But it was still so much better than the 'Real Coke', not many folks could tell the difference.

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              Hey Carole,
              They changed Coke long before "New" Coke, itt was when there was a so called sugar shortage and prices on sugar went sky high, beverage companies swithed to HF cornsyrup because it was so much cheaper and when sugar prices stabilized they didn't go back. As for Coke with sugar, look for Kosher Coke, available around Passover and Hanakuh, store like Target etc. carry then. I hadn't thought of Bitter Lemon in a long time, in my younger days, drink of choice was Gin & Bitter Lemon, very refreshing in the Summer.


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                or you could just go to Costco... they carry mexican coke (the real stuff) by the case...

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              Ive seen Ting at Whole Foods...

      2. Pretty sure that Total Wine in Cherry Hill carries this. It's on 38, westbound side, in the strip shopping center next to the CH Mall. This is a HUGE wine store; so if you're looking for any type of liquor or wine etc, you might just want to make a trip out of it. If I see this anyplace else, I'll post back. Did you try calling the company to see if a distributor can tell you where to get it near where you live?

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          Bitter Lemon is one of my favorite carbonated beverages. I'm not sure about Schwepps, but I think that's that brand that I buy downstairs at Kleins Market, 2400 block of Fairmount Ave. Check in the phone book with Kleins before making a special tripo!

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            Thanks for the good thought, bashful. They say they don't carry schweppes - do you recall what brand you've been buying?

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            Not anymore. They say they think it's discontinued. Clearly this stuff will only be available in odd stores that are making a special effort to bring it in from Europe.

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              I've been looking for this flavour too, as well as the "dry grape gingerale". I finally e-mailed the company, and apparently neither is sold anywhere near me (Maryland). But they gave me the following info, to sue the internal product-finder: To access the same sales database that we use internally, please call 1-800-696-5891. Select Option 1 for English, then Option 2 for availability questions. You can find your favorite product 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

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                I was in a Mars grocery store in Perry Hall, MD a few weeks ago and found bottles of Dry Lemon!

            2. Which reminds me that the someone ought to import Arranciata Amara from Italy. Bitter orange. Amazingly refreshing on a hot day. Carlino's in Ardmore carries it's non-bitter cousin, and it is pretty good for an orange soda, but the bitter stuff really does the trick!

              1. If you can't find the Schweppes, here are a couple of alternative suggestions in the same neighborhood:
                1) San Pellegrino Limonada, which you should be able to find at any decent Italian grocer (even Restaurant Depot carries it).
                2) Knudsen's "Jamaican Lemonade Spritzer" which is often found at Big Lots.

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                  I do like both of these, but I'm missing the peculiar quinine tang of the Schweppes. Hard to believe it's so pervasively unavailable.

                2. I bought my last Schweepes Bitter Lemon at "Binny's in Schaumberg, Il.address is 323 W. Galf Road (847)8826000.If you want to find the other suppliers call Cadbury schweppes in Plaano Texas (1-800-696-5891.Cadbury schweppes licenses this to only certain manufacturers. Currently there are only about three comapnies making it in the United States,One in State of Washington,One in California and one in ChicagoAlso can look on the internet at www.sodaking.com for this,

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                      GD, have you tried GUS (grown up soda) lemon flavor? It's TANGY, lemony, refreshing, and just the lemon soda I'd wondered for years why it didn't seem to exist. They have it at Wegman's. The ginger's good, too, but I'm getting off topic here.

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                        Don't recall if I've tried their lemon - there's a deli near my old office in Manhattan that carried their stuff so I may well have.

                        Tangy lemon soda is a genre I like, and I've generally been happy with San Pellegrino Limonata. Is the GUS version significantly different?

                        I'm hoping the Bitter Lemon will satisfy my desire for something a little drier (that's a word that doesn't look right in print - I mean "more dry"). I ended up ordering a case from sodapopstop because none of the places folks suggested for PA carry it anymore. Seems that its limited distribution has recently become even more limited. A friend who was in England recently said no one had it there, either.

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                          Well, I'll have to try the San Pellegrino Limonata again, but my dim memory is that the GUS is drier (dryer?).

                          1. re: watercress

                            GUS seems more "real" to me than SP Limonata, and yes, it is dry.

                    2. re: Herb Aaronson

                      It's actually GOLF Road, but I'm guessing you already figured that out.


                    3. Limonata is much different that the bitter lemon. Growing up in Ireland Schweppes bitter lemon was only ever used as a mixer for cocktails

                      1. OK, I was at the Total Wine store in Cherry Hill yesterday and they have Canada Dry Bitter Lemon soda for $1.09 per liter bottle. Total Wine is on Route 38, right next to the CH Mall.

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                          I've been searching for the Schweppes for a long time.....maybe they don't make it
                          anymore....I've tried the Canada Dry BL but its just not the same.

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                            It may just not have much US distribution? I saw it a lot in Germany. I had never heard of it before. I liked it though.

                        2. i found , no stumbled, across Canada Dry Bitter Lemon today at the local Genuardi's!! haven't cracked it open yet but with another 98 degree day expected tomorrow, i will !!
                          not sure if it's as good or even comparable to Schweppes, but since that ship has sailed i'm open to another brand....any suggestions?

                          1. Over in New England, Worcester-based Polar makes Bitter Lemon too; it's not quite the same as Schweppes, but it's better than nothing. I've found it at Market Basket groceries and at some package stores. Sad to say, the last bottler in New England making the Schweppes (the Pepsi bottler in Burlington, VT) discontinued it a few months ago.

                            If you come across any shops that sell imported British foods, check there. A store like that here in MA ("Union Jack" in Danvers) carries UK-made Schweppes in frightfully small bottles (about 200 ml).

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                              Yes, you are right--a british store will have it. Try the following:
                              Here is a link to the drink on their webpage; they are an actual store located in MA. http://www.britishdelights.com/schwep...

                            2. I agree with macdaire. We have always used it as a mixer, usually with gin or vodka so I can't imagine substituting lemon soda. We used to bring down cases of Schweppes to Virginia from NJ and found it gradually harder and harder to get. I'll have to try those links. Thanks.

                              1. I live in Arizona, and the Fry's grocery stores carry six-packs of Canada Dry bitter lemon soda.

                                1. You may also want to try Chestnut Hill Cheese shop - they carry a multitude of English products...

                                  1. Schweppes was purchased by The Pepsi Cola bottling Group and they own the label. Contact your local Pepsi Distributor or Pepsi Direct and they should be able to tell you where you could purchase it if it is available.

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                                      I actually just found Schweppes Bitter Lemon in my local Weis market (Fruitville Pike in Lancaster). I was absolutely shocked since I haven't seen it around in years. I immediately purchased a few since it's fantastic, but there were plenty left!

                                    2. So Bitter lemon is tough but not impossible to find in the US... I don't know about Penn, but in Oregon they sell it in liquor stores... but at 1.25$ a 12oz bottle it was a little expensive since I buy it in bulk and take it back to Idaho. So I found out their distributer and order it directly from them. I get 11 cases for 150$.

                                      this is the distributer hopefully they can help you in penn
                                      Eugene Bar Supply‎
                                      2641 W 5th Ave, Eugene, OR
                                      (541) 484-6611

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                                        If you think Bitter Lemon is hard to find ... try finding Schweppe's Bitter Orange! GREAT stuff but I haven't seen it since the early 70's in Modesto, CA. It makes a great mixer BUT is also very refreshing straight. From my searches, it seems only the Germans appreciate it!


                                      2. Hey Guys,

                                        Checked with local Pepsi delivery man, the DO NOT carry it through them any more. I've been looking and no luck so far.


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                                          Canada Dry Toms Collins is also hard to find. Not sold in Hopewell area of NJ.

                                        2. If you get near to Pittsburgh, the local grocery chain Giant eagle (giggle to the locals) sells a "Scilian Lemonade" under their "Market District" brand. It is remarkably similar and comes in a neat bottle.

                                          1. I know it is always on the shelf at my grocery store. I shop at Hennings in Harleysville. I buy it all of the time-especially in summer.

                                            1. I bought Canada Dry Bitter Lemon at the Cherry Hill Wegmans last week. It hits the spot after working in the garden!

                                              1. Not sure where in PA you are, but the little Nigerian place on the corner of 11th and Green, in Philly, Wazobia, always carries it. I always see a huge crate of empty bottles on Sunday outside their place (they help with the brunch at the church across the street). Costs $1.50 a bottle, tastes amazing.

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                                                  I love that this thread persists and keeps getting added to. Soda distributors take note - bitter lemon is like one of those TV shows that's not a huge hit yet inspires a dogged following. Don't cancel Bitter Lemon!

                                                  I just came back from Kenya where I didn't see any Schweppes but discovered Krest bitter lemon, which is crisp and delicious and goes beautifully with a double pour of dry gin over ice. I think it's a Coca-Cola product. Nothing like traveling to a malaria-rich country to bring out the quinine-based sodas.

                                                  dizzytpt, great tip. I will definitely check out Wazobia.

                                                  1. I have found a regular supply of Scheweppes Bitter Lemon at Mandell's Liquor and Wine, 3915 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003, 805-642-1148. Call for shipping info.

                                                    1. I just picked up two six-packs of baby bottles of Schweppes Bitter Lemon from the Binny's on Roosevelt Road in Chicago. I recently spent six months in London, and was taken with it as a mixer for my Bombay Sapphire specifically, but other spirits as well. I'm also on the hunt for Pimm's Winter (not sure if it's offered over here yet), and Schweppes Lemonade. I'm wondering if Pimm's No.1 & either the Lorina or Efferve' Limonade will act as a proper substitute? Might have to break that out when the weather turns again. I'm also on the hunt for some good ginger beer; it acted as a WONDROUS mixer for my Appleton Estate Dark & Stormy. Brit Mixers 1, American Mixers 0 in my book. It's disheartening to come back here and only have Coke & Sprite at 98% of places. Harrumph.

                                                      1. Not sure if this helps you, but as a Brit who was missing bitter lemon, I found a brand at Wegmans in Cherry Hill called Fever-Tree. It's a bit more expensive (about $5 for a 4 pack, and they're smallish bottles), but it's quite delicious and, I think, organic. They have a few other flavours too.

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                                                          Yeah, I was just going to mention Fever Tree, too. It's been so many decades since I've had Schweppes bitter lemon, I can't compare them. Can someone say how similar they are, or should I, too, go on that SBL quest? I quite like Fever Tree's ginger ale, by the way. It's a good mixer and good on its own. Nice little bottles, and clean, dry, pure flavors.

                                                          1. re: watercress

                                                            I would say Fever Tree is actually better than Schweppes (it stands to reason if they're using better ingredients) but if you're a Schweppes-lover then it might not taste as good to you (the same way people like crappy cheese on their cheesesteaks because it's what they grew up with). But I would say it's a perfectly good replacement.

                                                            1. re: berbadeerface

                                                              I prefer the Fever Tree to Schweppes, Canada Dry or others I've tried. It's got enough quinine to taste real, balanced to the lemon and not at all cloying like the over-sugared others.

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                                                                I like the Fever Tree soda, but have to admit the price is off-putting. It's possibly silly - there are plenty of foods where I'll pay extra for an extra-good version. But it's hard for me to pay $2 (or so) apiece for those dainty little bottles when the product is something so simple and basic.

                                                        2. The food market at Society Hill Towers (in the courtyard where Zahav will be setting up outdoor seating) has Bitter Lemon by the can on the very bottom of the soda cooler case. Not sure if they sell it in larger quantities, but thought I'd mention it anyway since this thread was just revivied.

                                                            1. They had an entire stand of it at the Royersford Giant supermarket when I was there yesterday. I'm going to go mix some with rum as soon as my kid falls asleep. :)

                                                              1. I just picked up a liter at the shoprite in south philly.

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                                                                1. re: travers

                                                                  The one at 24th & Oregon or another one?

                                                                  1. re: NYChristopher

                                                                    I now regularly shop the shoprite at Snyder Plaza and have yet to see it there. Sadness.

                                                                2. Found a Boston-area source for this after looking for years (Schweppes discontinued it in the States): the Tropical Market (aka Platanero) on Washington St near Melnea Cass. It's in 12-oz bottles with enamel labels, pretty battered looking, presumably imported from somewhere in the Anglophone Caribbean, $1.49 a pop. Made with real sugar.


                                                                  1. I was in Aruba last week and had Royal Club Bitter Lemon soda. It was delicious and refreshing. I meant to make note of who made it and where, but forgot to before the bottle was recycled. Reminded me of Tre' Limon from Clearly Canadian, without the ginger. I would love to find the equivalent in Florida and add some of my favorite Canton ginger liqueur and a shot (or two) of vodka. If anyone knows where I can get a similar lemon soda, let me know. I will post back if I find it anywhere.

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                                                                      No wonder I'm always disappointed to ask for a Schweppes Bitter Lemon at various cocktail parties to which I might happen to be invited. They never have it, and I always settle for Ginger Ale.

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                                                                        The canada dry bitter lemon is just as good in my opinion. still miss schweppes though

                                                                      2. For those of you in the puget sound area, I walked into Metropoltan Market in the Procctor district of Tacoma and walked right into an end cap of Schweppes Bitter Lemon. One liter bottles $4.99. I have died and gone to heaven.

                                                                        1. Britishgoods.com (US-ME) has the 125ml bottle (4 oz) for $1.25
                                                                          Britishcornershop.co.uk (UK) has the 1L for $2.66
                                                                          Parthenonfoods.net has the 1.5L for $3.99
                                                                          Curiosityshoptea.com has the 1L for $4.50

                                                                          I didn't want the 1.5L because it will get flat before I finish it.
                                                                          Minimum shipping on Britishcornershop is $26.
                                                                          Minimum shipping on Britishgoods is $9.
                                                                          I didn't check shipping at Curiosityshop.

                                                                          I ordered 20 125ml bottles tonight on Britishgoods for a total of $34. (Minimum purchase is $25 bucks, which equals 20 bottles.)

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                                                                          1. re: jleating

                                                                            Is it made with sugar or high fructose corn syrup?

                                                                            1. re: Displaced California Foodie

                                                                              Nope. Interestingly, though, it includes both sugar and saccharin. The ingredients are on this page: http://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/...

                                                                              1. re: jleating

                                                                                Sorry, I mean nope to HFCS, yes to sugar.

                                                                          2. Success! Arrived today from BritishFoods.

                                                                            Glass bottles - that surprised me. All arrived safely, though swaddled in bubblewrap and floated in an ocean of styrofoam peanuts.

                                                                            Goiing to London in a couple weeks. I'm going to bring home a can from the airline club and do a taste comparison.:)

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                                                                            1. re: jleating

                                                                              Got a surprise in London -- my airline club has replaced Schweppes Bitter Lemon with something called Britvic Bitter Lemon. Interestingly, the ingredient list for BBL is almost identical to SBL, except no stabilizers and a bit more lemon:


                                                                              Sure enough, it's got a more lemony aroma and taste than SBL. An excellent alternative to SBL.

                                                                              Sadly, Britvic doesn't seem to be available in the US, even via an importer. So SBL from BritishGoods.com is still the best option for US bitter lemon lovers. Getting ready to order my second shipment.:)

                                                                            2. A call today to Dr. Pepper in Plano confirmed that for over a year they no longer have made Schweppes Bitter Lemon.

                                                                              1. I've been getting bitter lemon and dry orange at my local Weiss (Baltimore area), by "Polar". They're both delicious, bitter lemon tastes like schweppes (nice quinine bitterness), and the dry orange is like a pulp-less Orangina.

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                                                                                1. Following up on my report from a while ago: I've now adopted Fever Tree as my go-to Bitter Lemon in North America. Its the closest thing to Schweppes I've found. I've still not encountered Canada Dry BL in the US or in Canada. I've tried a couple others-- one whose name escapes me but was *very*bitter and highly carbonated, and the other being Collins Brothers, which I thought was awful. But yeah, try Fever Tree - it's quite good.

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                                                                                  1. re: jleating

                                                                                    Any updates on Schwepps' Bitter Lemon in the US? I tried Fever Tree and didn't like it as well. I just want the regular old Schwepps.